10 tips to prevent obesity and overweight

10 tips to prevent obesity and overweight

Today is  World Diabetes Day , a date that must be mentioned by professionals who are dedicated to trying to improve people’s health and habits. Some of the diseases most associated with type 2 diabetes are obesity and being overweight. In this article we want to give you  10 tips to prevent obesity and overweight , two of the main non-communicable pandemics of the 21st century.

According to data from the World Health Organization, obesity has reached epidemic proportions. Each year overweight and obesity are the cause of death for more than 2.8 million people . Years ago, obesity was associated with high-income countries and people, but it is now known to be a prevalent epidemic in low- and middle-income countries.

How can you tell if you are obese? This is done using the body mass index figure (weight in kilograms divided by meters of height squared). If the figure obtained is greater than 25, you are overweight and if it reaches 30, you are obese.

Although we have started the article with the most pessimistic figures and perspectives we can give, the good news is that obesity can be prevented and treated. We have many resources to do it and many success stories. Therefore in this article we want to share tips to prevent obesity and overweight of nutritionists Alimmenta.  With this article, we inaugurate a month that we want to dedicate to the prevention of overweight before the Christmas holidays, a time when we tend to get carried away and neglect our health. That is why during this month of November we will share content related to this topic, as well as promotions for our consultations .

10 tips to prevent obesity and overweight

1. Don’t go hungry

“Take 4-5 meals a day to avoid reaching your main meals with excessive hunger. For these intakes, choose healthy foods that satisfy you. Snacks can be fruits, dairy, nuts, healthy snacks, etc. Remember that in the main meals, in addition to vegetables, there should be protein and also a small portion of whole grains. “
Laia Gómez, dietitian-nutritionist at Alimmenta in Barcelona

2. Eat more salads and vegetables

“To prevent obesity in the family, I recommend that salads and vegetables are the protagonists both at lunch and dinner. Parents teach by example, so learning to cook for the whole family with vegetables would be a big step ”.
Marisa Burgos, dietician-nutritionist at Alimmenta in Sant Cugat

3. The fruit bowl, always full

“My advice to prevent obesity is to start the week with a good assortment of fruits. If you have them at home it will be much easier for you to consume them throughout the week and thus include them in your diet either in salads, snacks and / or breakfasts ”.
Aina Huguet, dietitian-nutritionist at Alimmenta in Barcelona

4. Vary your dishes

“Do not stay only with the plates and the boiled ones or the typical diet plate. Eat a varied diet, moderate the amounts, guarantee good sleep hygiene (7-8h) and do exercise and physical activity! Eating is a pleasure and doing it in a healthy and balanced way is not boring. It is a path towards a better style and quality of life ”.
Sara Martínez, dietician-nutritionist at Alimmenta in Barcelona

5. Flee from a sedentary lifestyle

“Add activity to your daily life! You can do this by avoiding taking the car to go shopping, changing the car for the bike when possible and going up the stairs instead of using the elevator. Also add color to your diet by including a variety of fruits and vegetables! ”
Laura Bonet, dietician at Alimmenta in Sabadell

6. Excess calories? No, thanks!

“How to prevent obesity? Putting aside the calories! Worry about providing your body with all the nutrients it needs through the intake of healthy, fresh and natural foods in your diet on a daily basis. It’s not eating less… it’s eating better! “
Adriana Oroz, dietitian-nutritionist at Alimmenta in Barcelona

7. Don’t abuse soda

“My advice to prevent obesity is to avoid the consumption of all kinds of soft drinks, alcohol, sugary drinks or packaged juices and instead do not forget to drink 1.5-2 liters of water a day, 6 glasses minimum. Infusions, teas or waters infused with fruits can also be good alternatives ”.
Vanesa Rus, dietitian-nutritionist at Alimmenta in Sabadell

8. Escape from obesogenic settings

“In addition to making your food choices appropriate and avoiding a sedentary lifestyle, obesity prevention is also achieved through actions such as eating as a family. It is the perfect environment for both young and old to learn and have healthy food within reach: fruit, vegetables, legumes, whole grains … etc. “
Yaiza Molina, dietician-nutritionist at Alimmenta in Mataró

9. Choose healthy cooking

“One of the bases of eating healthy is the way you cook. There are many types of cooking that require little fat to obtain succulent and exquisite dishes for our palates. To prevent obesity, use cooking such as the iron, boiled, steam, oven, wok and papillote, instead of fried and battered ”.
Carme Ferrer, dietitian-nutritionist at Alimmenta in Terrassa

10. Read nutrition labels

“How many times do you end up eating something that you don’t know what it is made of? As a consumer you have a part of responsibility with your diet and it is to evaluate the product before buying it and preferably choose healthy products. But don’t look at the numbers (calories, fat grams…). No no no. See what ingredients it has because that way you will know what you are going to eat, where its calories come from, what type of fat it contains, how many ingredients it contains. All this will give you a general idea that will help you decide. Because if you buy badly, you will eat badly. “

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