11 Stupendous Benefits Of Coconut Water For Hair And Skin

Coconut water is the natural drink gifted to us, specially for our health and beauty. Cocos nucifera is the scientific name of coconut. Coconut is originated in South East Asia. It was seen in India by Columbus, but it is not a nut. Coconut is the stone fruit with endosperm and water inside it.

Coconuts are of different species and sizes depending upon the area. These are specifically grown in tropical and coastal areas. Coconut age will be up to 7-8 months, which contain about 200-1000 ml of water, which are sweet to taste. Coconut which are less than 5 months contains more water, bitter to taste and zero nutritional value. The older coconut contains less water, but sweet to taste and contains high nutritional values.

Coconut water is the natural juice which contains zero fat, vitamins, sugars, amino acids, cytokine, phytohormones, electrolytes, omega 3 fatty acids, magnesium, potassium and many more minerals.

Hair Benefits Of Coconut Water:

Works As Conditioner:

Coconut contains omega 3 fatty acids and electrolytes which hydrates skin and hair. It works perfectly on dry and itchy scalp, gives silky and shiny hair.


Coconut water: 1 cup

Avocado or jojoba oil: 4 tbsp

Hair spray bottle : 1

How to apply?

Take 1 cup of coconut water and add 4 tbsp of oil

Mix the solution well and pour in the spray bottle

Spray on the scalp and on hair.

Massage it properly to reach hair follicles and wash hair after 1 hr


Wash your hair with shampoo and spray the solution on the hair as conditioner

This brings shine to hair and conditions it

Removes Dandruff:

Coconut water can remove the dandruff and flaky scalp, giving you smooth and shiny hair.


Coconut water: 5 tbsp

Neem oil : 3 tsp

How to apply?

Mix the solution

Apply the solution on the scalp

Massage the scalp thoroughly

Leave it for 1 hr

Wash off with lukewarm water

This must be done twice a week

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Reduces Hair Fall And Promotes Hair Growth:

Benefits of Coconut water contains lauric acid which strengthens hair, vitamin K and potassium for faster hair growth and iron, which carries oxygen to hair follicles which makes them strong, by improving the blood circulation.

How to apply?

Take coconut water and massage it on the scalp and hair

Leave it overnight and wash off with shampoo

This is the grandma’s tip, which is still being followed.

Drink daily at least one coconut for hair growth

Repairs Damaged Hair:

Coconut water contains electrolytes and omega 3 fatty acids, which helps in restoring damaged and repairs them over a period of time.


Coconut water: 3 tbsp

Yogurt : 1 tbsp

Apple cider vinegar: 1 tsp

How to apply?

Mix all the ingredients well and apply

Massage on the scalp and hair

Leave it for 45 min

Wash off with lukewarm water

Do this thrice a week for better results

Skin Care Benefits Of Coconut Water:

Works On Acne And Pimples:

This coconut water pack does magic on the blemished and acne prone skin. Simply by applying this pack, twice a week will do wonders on the face and gives neat and clean face


Coconut water: 2 tbsp

Turmeric: ½ tsp

Sandalwood powder: ½ tsp

How to apply?

Mix all the ingredients well

Apply it and gently massage in upward direction from neck to face

Leave it for 30 min

Wash off with cool water

Turmeric contains anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, which removes bacteria and dirt from the skin, sandal powder soothes the skin and coconut water removes acne

Moisturized Skin:

The Benefits of Coconut water alone is enough without getting diluted with any other ingredient. Just dab your faces with coconut water, when wake up in the morning. Leave it for 30 min and wash off. This removes the dead skin cells and toxins from the face, keeps skin hydrated and moisturize all day long.

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Removes Wrinkles And Fine Lines:

Coconut water contains lauric acid, which contains anti-micro properties, which helps skin from infections. It contains anti-aging agents, which diffuses the inflammation, caused due to acne and removes wrinkles. It also contains cytokines, the protein, which encourages cell activation and cell growth


Coconut water: 2 tbsp

Yogurt: 1 tsp

How to apply?

Mix coconut water and yogurt

Apply, leave for 20 min and wash off

Do this once a week

Yogurt is the exfoliator, which removes dead skin cells and tightens the skin cells.

Natural Toner And Cleanser:

Coconut works effectively as natural cleanser and toner as well

To remove make up, take a cotton ball, dab some coconut water on it. Gently remove the makeup. This works as natural cleanser

Take 1 tbsp of coconut water and 1 tsp of lemon juice

Mix them properly and apply

Leave it for 10 min and wash

It gently cleanses the face and tones it

The natural toner closes the pores, makes skin hydrated and maintain PH balance of the skin

Removes Sun Tan:

Coconut water contains vitamin C, which helps and reduces sun burn and skin tan as well.

Ingredients :

Coconut water: 3 tbsp

Sandalwood powder: 1 tsp

Lemon juice: 1 tsp

How to use:

Mix all the ingredients well

Apply the pack with brush and leave for 30 min

Wash off with cool water

Lemon contains bleaching properties, which removes dirt and dust, sandal wood soothes and calms the skin.

Lighten Pigmentation:

Pigmentation is also another benefits of Coconut water, Because it is the rich source of vitamin c, which removes blemished skin, acne, and pigmentation and brightens skin.


Multani mitti(fullers earth) : 2 tbsp

Coconut water: 1 tsp

How to use:

Mix the pack well

Apply and leave for 20 min

Wash off with cool water

Do this once every week

Works As Facial Scrub:

It removes the dead skin cells and increase the skin cell and collagen production, thus giving younger looking skin


Coconut water: as per required

Oats : 3 tbsp

How to use?

Mix the ingredients

Apply on the face and massage gently

Leave it for 20 min and wash off

This must be done once a week

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