Memories of an amateur perfume

30 infallible tricks to make perfume last longer

We have all wondered at some time how some people do so that, when they pass you, they leave behind a good-smelling trail . How can they smell so good? How do these mythological beings make the perfume they put on in the morning last all day? And meanwhile you are there suffering because at the end of a day of so much work you no longer smell Calvin , Carolina , or Hugo . You smell more like eau de chotuno (or that’s your impression), and of course, that’s neither glamorous nor anything.

But it is time to stop envying those women who seem to have fallen,  like Obélix, in the (Panorámix) Chanel kettle and have the power to always give off a pleasant perfume smell. 

Now you too can be like them, and even better! Because we are going to give you 30 infallible tricks to make your perfume last longer . Do you want to know how to make the smell of your favorite fragrance always be with you? Well, keep reading!

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