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5 reasons to change your perfume every season

If you are one of those who have been using the same fragrance for years, we have to say that, although we understand you, it is time to change. New trends offer millions of possibilities and we are sure that among them you can find the next scent that you will fall in love with.


We renew our wardrobe every season, our style of dressing and makeup adapts to trends and our tastes change. Also each season the fruits we eat change, the trees lose their leaves and the flowers bloom and wither with the seasons. What do we mean by this? That, inevitably, the aromas that accompany us throughout the year are changing.

Even if you have been faithful to your favorite perfume for years, we suggest that you dare to make a change that can be very positive. And, if you have promised to be faithful to it until the end of the day, we have another alternative: you can alternate it with another fragrance. If we haven’t convinced you yet, here are the reasons why you should give the new fragrances a try.

1. A change in attitude

When the year begins, we go through a break or start a new job, we want to renew our wardrobe or make a change of look that marks the beginning of a new stage and, as an energy cure, helps us regain strength. The same thing happens with perfumes. You don’t leave home to go to work with the same attitude that you go out on a date or a night out, do you?

The same thing happens here, the smell of spring loaded with life, flowers and renewal is very different from the smell of winter or autumn. And as fragrances, after all, are like fashion, there are scents of spring-summer and autumn-winter.

2. Every season smells different

For spring, try a perfume with a floral base, as it will awaken and enhance all your femininity. The green or herbal basis , although more typical male perfume are also a good choice. Sweet aromas can be used all year round, however in spring or summer it is at times when a delicious smell of vanilla seems most irresistible.© Amazon

Our suggestion: Mon Guerlain, for € 60 on Amazon

For the summer , nothing like a citrus base . From lemon to bergamot to grapefruit, everything is allowed. These aromas are perfect to awaken the spicy side of the summer season. With the arrival of the cold, fragrances with a woody base, moss, nuts or spices are perfect to envelop you in a new attitude and a new perfume. And facing winter, resins or musk can ignite another sweet and seductive part within the olfactory paradise. You can also have perfumes with different aromatic bases and use them as you find yourself each day to break with the routine.© Amazon

Our suggestion: Eau de Parfum Eau d’Hadrien, which you can buy on Amazon

3. Your skin is not the same

Throughout the year our skin is renewed and there are seasons like winter in which it is more common for our skin to be scaly and need more hydration, so the perfume does not penetrate in the same way. Also in hotter seasons, when the skin sweats, it influences the subsequent smell of our perfume . In short, a fragrance does not smell the same on the skin in all seasons, so you have to adapt to the season and use one or more perfumes in each of them so that the aroma of our fragrance is always more intense.

4. Because there are hundreds of perfumes

Once you start trying fragrances, it seems impossible to stay with just one. A true lover of perfumes has one for each situation, for each mood, for each type of plan. And if you are one of those, surely you are waiting impatiently for the new releases. And you know what? We bring you the latest Lancôme fragrance. It is the Eau de Parfum Idôle, scented with rose, jasmine flower and white chypre, launched under the slogan ‘designed by women, for women’.© Lancôme

We recommend: Eau de Parfum Idôle de Lancôme, which you can buy for € 56 on Amazon

5. You stop appreciating nuances

When you get used to a smell, its continued use makes you stop appreciating its nuances on your skin. A cosmetic product usually stops having the same effect on a person if its use is very continuous, so it is recommended to alternate it or stop using it for a season and resume it over time. The same thing happens with perfume. Have you never put on your usual fragrance because it seemed like you didn’t smell it? The answer is simple, your nose gets so used to that smell that you stop appreciating it, so if you change your perfume regularly, it will always seem that it smells better than the last time you used it.Check out all Amazon women’s perfumes

In short, if you believe (and it is true) that your makeup, your hair and your clothes speak of you, we assure you that your perfume can give many more details of your personality or your way of facing life . You dare?

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