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5 touches of beauty that will highlight your sensuality

Sometimes, to bring out our sexiest side, it is not necessary to use very daring resources that do not represent us or change our personality. A few simple touches of beauty can help us begin to spread sensuality feeling freer. Do not you believe it? Try these simple tricks


Never forget your perfume

Smell is one of the senses that is most connected to emotions and, therefore, one of the most things that make us feel. Thus, smell is key when it comes to attracting or feeling attracted to others . So are you going to leave something so important to chance? Do not even think about it! If you choose a feminine, elegant perfume with a touch of mystery , it will be your most effective weapon.

CH Privée is an intense combination of peculiar notes: absolute Osmanthus wrapped in vanilla caviar and hints of a forest patchouli intrinsically linked to a red leather accord. An exuberant and enigmatic fragrance that will make you feel more sensual than ever.

© CH Privée

Dare with lipstick

Something as simple as using intense lipstick can completely transform our look ; focusing the attention of our makeup on a part as sensual as the mouth will automatically make us feel much sexier and more feminine.

If you are not used to using these types of tones and until now you have always used nudes, try first with less daring tones and little by little increase the intensity of your lips until you lose your fear of red . You can even use it on a daily basis: this type of lipstick color has been shown to raise our self-esteem and give us more self-confidence .Discover: Garnet lips: welcome to the dark side of makeup

Garnet lips: welcome to the dark side of makeup© Pinterest

A touch of light in strategic areas

We already know that illuminator is one of the fetish makeup products of many women, as it helps to give definition and depth to the face, outlining our features, but did you know that it can also be applied to other areas of the body and help us feel sexier ? If you use a neckline that reveals your shoulders, try using a little highlighter on the clavicles , this will make them accentuate much more. They are one of the most sensual areas of the female anatomy , so with something so simple you will make your sex appeal grow exponentially.

Wild hair

Another of the key aspects to take care of to highlight our sensuality is our hair . Hair is one of our hallmarks; Knowing how to choose the right cut and hairstyle is vital to get the most out of ourselves. The waves, the collected ones with volume, the braids and the messy and messy style are a safe bet when it comes to highlighting our appeal. Try some of these ideas!Discover: The sexiest hairstyles

The sexiest hairstyles© Getty

I smiled!

Feeling sensual is a matter of attitude; For that, there is no cosmetic or beauty trick that has the same effect as a smile . And is that, smiling causes a series of physiological changes to occur in our body, a greater amount of endorphins (the happiness hormones) are produced and cortisol levels (the stress hormone) are reduced. You no longer have an excuse not to dress up with the best of your smiles and go out and eat the world!

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