6 effective solutions to remove chin hair

6 effective solutions to remove chin hair

Did you just see a black hair on your chin or the beginning of a hair on your cheeks? Don’t worry, there are effective ways to remove hairs without the risk of them growing back. Here are our 6 solutions to remove chin hair.

Having hair on your chin or cheeks when you are a woman is not a shame! Almost everyone has it, in larger or smaller amounts depending on skin tone and hairiness. In general, the amount is determined by hormones and can fluctuate throughout life.

While some people only have hairs above the lip, others will see thicker, thicker hair all over their face and down to their neck. Of course, it’s not mandatory to remove them, but if that’s what you prefer, then here are the appropriate solutions:

Solution 1: epilation with tweezers

© Amazon If you have a light beard, meaning one that still looks like very small hair, then we recommend using tweezers.
Advantage : it is a cheap and simple object.
The drawbacks: If the hairs are too fine, they can break. This hair removal method can hurt a bit.

How to choose the right tweezers?

There are 4 different shapes of tweezers.

  • The straight tip forceps is the most classic. With flat edges, which allows to clearly remove the thickest hairs.
  • The beveled tweezers are ideal for sensitive areas and ingrown hairs.
  • The crab tip tweezers , with their curved edges, effectively remove fine hairs, especially those at the tips of the eyebrows .
  • The tweezers with a fine tip , their use is more limited. It is effective in getting rid of hairs under the skin or removing splinters.

Our favorite: Terresa brand tweezers! We like all models. It is a complete set for precise and perfect hair removal. With these tweezers, you can remove hair from your chin and from every corner of your face. They hold every hair very well, even the shortest ones.

Solution 2: waxing

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The waxing is still a good option for removing hair from the cheeks, chin and lips because it leaves the skin soft and smooth.
The advantage : you will be at peace for two to three weeks before you see new hair come out of your face. Also, unlike shaving, hair that has been plucked will grow back well.
The downsides: If you wax at home, you can burn yourself or have some pain.

Our favorite: If it is not possible to go to a beauty salon every month, if you do not have time or if you prefer to wax at home, we recommend the cold depilatory wax strips, specially designed for the face.

Solution 3: The electric epilator

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Most electric epilators work on the same principle as tweezers, they pull the hair out by the roots.
The advantage : hair does not grow back for 3 weeks.
The downsides: It can be painful and most epilators are too large to be used above the upper lip. In this case, you can use bikini epilators that are small enough.

Our favorite: The Braun Silk-Epil 7 electric epilator, which comes with several accessories, including one specially designed for facial hair removal!

Solution 4: Discoloration of chin hair

If the hair on the cheeks or upper lip is black but fine, we advise you to bleach it with creams. This can avoid you going through hair removal, which involves growths that are necessarily denser than the natural state.

The advantage: this method is completely painless and very fast, since 10 short minutes separate you from a totally transparent hair.
The downsides: These creams are often abrasive and have a strong odor. If you have sensitive and irritable skin, it is necessary to test the product on a small part of your skin before applying it. Also, if your hair is very thick, bleaching it will only make it more visible. We recommend bleaching only for fine hairs.

Our favorite: Veet whitening cream is suitable for both facial and body skin.

Solution 5: Thread hair removal

Increasingly common in salons, threading involves pulling hair out by wedging it between two pieces of thread. By pulling it, the hairs are pulled out of the skin!

The advantages of this technique are the same as those of wax with a little more precision.
The downside is that you will not be able to wax and you will have to go to a beauty salon (unless you have mastered this technique!). However, many people offer this service today.

Solution 6: Hair removal with laser or pulsed light

The laser consists of destroying the hair follicle by emitting a discharge of light at the root. The energy of the light is then converted into heat, which eliminates the cells responsible for the growth of the hairs, which no longer grow back.

The advantage: This technique is almost completely irreversible. Except in the case of pregnancy or hormonal changes, once the laser sessions are finished, you will be at peace ad vitam eternam .
The drawbacks: only black hair can be treated, and a certain space must be scrupulously respected between each session. Under no circumstances should it be exposed to the sun, and it is a certain investment, it must be said.

What about the pulsed light? It is the same operation of the light discharges sent to the hair root but with a lower intensity. The advantage is that it is cheaper and less painful than lasers and you can get devices to do it at home. The downside is that pulsed light devices are generally too large to treat small areas of the face. Also, the IPL machines available on the market are less powerful than professional machines.

Our Favorite: The Braun Silk-Expert IPL Hair Remover. A device that guarantees hair removal efficiency of up to 90% from the 4th week. It has an intelligent skin tone sensor and adapts the intensity of the beam for a safe treatment.

You should also bear in mind that, in general, any method of hair removal, shaving or removal involves the risk of hair growing back to a greater or lesser extent. But it can also lead to the growth of pimples. If you are prone to blemishes, you have to choose permanent hair removal over methods like shaving or waxing that require some regularity and weaken the skin.

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