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6 tips for painless hair removal … or almost painless

Waxing isn’t our favorite beauty date and for good reason – it hurts! A very unpleasant pain that is possible to alleviate a little. Discover our tips!

1. Take a hot bath before waxing

The bathroom is not only reserved for quiet nights in front of Netflix. You have to know that it can also be your best friend, just before a waxing. In fact, immersion in a hot water bath one hour before waxing allows the pores of the skin to dilate and thus facilitates the extraction of hairs. As hair is easier to pluck: pain is much more bearable.


2. Hair removal after menstruation

It is obvious that removing hair during our period is not the best idea in the world, as we are much more sensitive to pain. Therefore, once your menstrual cycle is over, you should quickly go to the beauty salon. At this time, the skin cells are stronger and more resistant due to significantly increased levels of estrogen.

3. Apply cold to the depilated area.

Once waxing is complete, apply cold to the painful area to soothe and reduce pain. However, do not apply cold before waxing. This will only make the pain worse, as the pores on your skin will tighten.

4. Don’t drink alcohol the night before

I mean, we love mojitos too . However, it is not a good idea to drink alcoholic cocktails before waxing. Alcohol is known to dehydrate the skin. If consumed in excess, it will cause dry skin as the epidermis will be more sensitive.

5. Avoid tight clothing

The skin has just been attacked, so there is no point in continuing the torture by wearing too tight clothes. This will once again irritate the skin, which does not need it. You should also be aware that this can even promote the appearance of ingrown hairs. Therefore, after waxing, you have to wear loose clothing.

6. Apply almond and lavender oil

The mixture of these two oils has unsuspected virtues against pain. In fact, applied to fresh skin, almond and lavender oil help relieve pain … but also reduce redness caused by waxing!

Our favorite:

At Enfemenino’s newsroom, we’ve already tried many hair removal methods … … and of course, we have our own little preference. As for body waxing, we are inclined towards the electric epilator This method combines many advantages.

The first is that you can wax at home, silently and when you need it.
Second, some epilators are designed to reduce pain. An example is Braun’s Silk Epil 9 which, thanks to its “Wet & Dry” technology , can be used in the bathroom. This reduces the discomfort and irritation of the skin, as we have explained before.© Braun

Electric epilator “Seda Epil 9”, Braun – 109.90 euros

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