A simple trick to "sharpen" your tweezers and not have to buy them again!

A simple trick to “sharpen” your tweezers and not have to buy them again!

Are eyebrow tweezers not as foolproof as before? Here’s how to reuse them like new!

Plucking the eyebrows , although it is no longer absolutely necessary as in the past because today many people like them thick and free, it is still a fundamental habit for many women. The tweezers remain the most used method for hair removal, but they require patience and have perfect tweezers.

The problem with the tweezers is not only the ease with which they get lost, or the calm with which you have to pull out several hairs at the same time, but also when you insist on pulling but that tab does not come off because the tweezers are no longer the thing to do. sharp enough.

So how do you get perfect brows? First, watch the video

The trick to sharpen the tweezers

How to save your favorite tweezers that have always been impeccable and that, when you use them, bring you a lot of luck? The trick is very simple: just go to a hardware store and get a metal razor blade or a strip of sandpaper .

Once you have made this simple purchase, you move on to the concrete work of crafts. Rub the razor blade or sandpaper on the bottom of the tweezers for grip, and voila, Tweezers like new! Yes, tweezers are not exorbitantly expensive and it could be argued that even a file or sandpaper has its own cost. But it is still true that they are tools that you will find over time, like a real handmade beauty kit!

Speaking of eyebrows, how are you supposed to have them? Find out by looking here:

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