Acrylic nails vs gel nails: what's the difference?

Acrylic nails vs gel nails: what’s the difference?

The nail trend continues to grow, and we care more and more about how they look. Both gel and acrylic nails have become very popular, but do you really know the difference?


Having beautiful and healthy nails requires a little more special care. It is not enough to decorate them with beautiful colors and patterns, you also have to deeply hydrate and pamper them. Before doing any type of manicure, first get a deep one in a center where they can remove cuticles, file your nails well and hydrate it with specific products. Apricot oil is super effective and moisturizing for nails and cuticles thanks to its high content of vitamin E, you can buy it on Amazon for € 8.45 . In summer, we place much more emphasis on doing both manicures and pedicures to show off our nails that are much more beautiful and cared for.

More and more famous people choose to add kilometer nails to their looks. This new beauty trend is the one that celebrities such as Blanca Suárez, Rosalía, Natalia Lacunza or Becky G herself have not hesitated to repeat. Both use both gel and acrylic nails, characterized by being very large and long and having some special design. But what is the difference between the two?

Difference between acrylic and gel nails

The first difference is that gel nails are less resistant than acrylic nails, even the finishing process is not the same. Gel manicure is done with a special polish that is applied to the nail, which hardens it. This drying procedure is carried out through the well-known ultraviolet light. You will need to get a special lamp. The Elehot brand lamp is one of the best rated on Amazon and only costs € 23.99. You can buy it by clicking here .

The length of gel nails are very similar to that of a natural nail, although the thickness of the polish is much greater. On the other hand, acrylic nails are extensions that are added to the nail, that is, you can choose the length of these. Then you can put on the nail polish you want and that’s it!

With both nails you can achieve infallible nails for many days, and almost weeks. With gel nails you will get your nails to harden much faster, and grow stronger, while with acrylic nails what you get is a much greater length and resistance.

In terms of duration, gel nails can last between two or three months, although you have to fill them every so often. If, on the other hand, you are looking for nails that last much longer, acrylic nails are your nails. These nails can last up to 6 months if you fill them in little by little, at least every two weeks.

What do we need to get acrylic nails?

1. Hydration of the nail: buy a polish with enough hydration for the nail. In this way you will make the product adhere much faster. Of course, forget about oils as they will make the acrylic mold not stick at all. A good option is Elite99 brand gel nail polishes. This pack contains 4 enamels in different shades, 1 base coat and 2 different base coat (matte and gloss). You can buy it on Amazon for € 13.99 .
2. Buy molds: they are a kind of molds that are used for acrylic. They adhere to the nail with a special glue and build on top with acrylic or gel. Also buy a roll for the molds and the construction of the acrylic nails. We recommend the Hotop brand molds, their finish is super natural.You can buy them on Amazon for € 7.99 (100 pcs) .
3. Acrylic: also get the liquid, the acrylic powder and the brushes to be able to make the construction of the acrylic nail. This kit includes everything you need .

How to do acrylic nails step by step

To start we need to sculpt the nail with an acrylic brush and the corresponding acrylic powder . With the same brush we wet in the acrylic powder for about 2-3 seconds until it becomes a ball. Keep in mind that the ball cannot be liquid or dry. We apply the first ball in the union between the natural nail and we are unifying the entire nail with small acrylic balls. Cover the entire nail with smooth, even movements towards the center of the nail.

With the help of a tweezers we can mold the acrylic nail and give it a better appearance. Once dry, we shape the nail and we retouch any imperfections that may remain, since it should be as natural as possible. The last step is to color or decorate the nail with what you prefer. You can add any type of drawing or simply wear them naturally with a single color, this is up to you. To finish, remove the product remains, apply oil and hydrate the cuticles with a light massage, and hydrate the hands well.

Acrylic Nail Designs Ideas

Animal print : animal prints have set the trend in fashion this past season. This trend has also been transferred to beauty, specifically nails. If you decide to opt for acrylic nails, bet strongly on an animal print, especially the turtle. Combine dark with light brown colors, so you can stick with everything you wear.
Nails with jewels: crystals, diamonds or imitation jewels will be one of the great beauty trends in 2019. The difference with other years is that this time the jewels are worn as naturally. In this pack you will find a wide variety of decorations for super original nails. You can buy it on Amazon for € 10.99 .
Textures:Textures will be another of the great trends for acrylic and gel nails of 2019. The important thing about these nails is to give relief and structure the nail so that it stands out.
Crystal nails: they will be the main trend for acrylic nails, but there is no specific style to decorate them. You can wear them simple or with a glitter effect.
Half manicure: this will be one of the simplest but most popular trends of this 2019. This decoration is very similar to the French manicure since only the upper part of the nails is painted. The only difference is that the nail is painted a little more than the French one.
Purpurin:glitter is a polish that is back this year. This decoration can be achieved with quite striking enamels such as blue, gold or yellow.
Geometric designs: you can choose either stripes or curved designs. Geometric designs are very popular and you will want to have them all.

If you want to see more nail designs, here we leave you with an album to inspire you and take it to your beauty center. We warn you that among all the models it will be difficult for you to choose, how beautiful they are.

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