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All about daith piercing: the new migraine solution?

Ear piercings, such as the tragus or helix, are still in fashion. One of them is very popular: the daith. This little gem placed at the level of the cartilage of the ear is becoming more and more seductive. Presentation and advice from Nicolas, owner of the Tribal Act, to make a success of his daith piercing.

The outer ear is made up of many small folds. One of them forms an inward comma almost in the center of the pavilion: the helix root. Like other parts of the ears, this part is made up solely of skin and cartilage. This piercing is very fashionable with the lobe and tragus. A fashion confirmed by Nicolas, piercer and owner of the Tribal Act studio in Paris “is one of my favorites.

When looking at the ear in profile, neither the entrance nor the exit of the ring can be seen. “All the morphologies of the ear do not allow this piercing. The helix root must be visible and not too short. The jewel must be well placed and not twisted. As for the tower, it is necessary to have a cartilage fold to make this piercing. Not all ears have one, or they are not wide enough. That is why it is recommended to see the piercing beforehand. You will see if daith piercing is feasible in us. This prevents us from being disappointed on D-day if the piercer does not it can do it in our ears.https://imasdk.googleapis.com/js/core/bridge3.446.1_es.html#goog_2035657165Volume 0%00:0700:53 Video by Carla Dominguez

Where to do the daith piercing?

Certainly not in a jewelry store. Piercings are done there with a gun. The latter should be outlawed even for the earlobe. The material is not surgical, nor is it precise. Healing is also more complicated. “It is not clean and it is very traumatic for the tissues,” explains Nicolas. The jewel is pushed in with force, which can increase pain.

A professional uses a single-use sterile needle that he pulls right after the piercing. He is equipped with gloves and a mask before touching the ear. It is important to go to the piercing site in advance to ensure that the site is clean, maintained, and hygiene standards are observed. This is your opportunity to do your own classroom evaluation.

“Having a good feeling is essential”, remember our piercer. The day of the piercing you feel a bit of stress, hence the importance of feeling confident with the person. Word of mouth is also a good clue. A friend who gives a good piercing salon evaluation is reassuring. A room that has a lot of requests is always a good sign. Lastly, if a friend offers you a free and unprofessional service, decline it.

Daith piercing: Where to buy the jewel?

You can tell with the naked eye if the ring is of good quality. Titanium is one of the metals best tolerated by the body. Surgical steel is the most common and the cheapest. Silver or gold is generally reserved for jewelry ornaments, such as the little ball above. Rose gold is very fashionable, as well as rose quartz. “The surface of the jewelry should be smooth, mirror-like, without roughness, to facilitate healing,” specifies the owner of Tribal Act. Often the purchase of the piercing is done at the moment.

Some suppliers accompany the jewelry with a certificate of authenticity that guarantees quality. As for the forms, all fantasies are possible. The CBR, the barbell and the hoop are jewels that are not adapted for this piercing.“In the daith, we only put rings” confirms our interlocutor. These can be starry, decorated with a ball, a heart or a diamond.

All ring ornaments are possible as long as they are micro in size. You do not have to buy them on the Internet. It is possible to order jewelry on Amazon or other websites for delivery. The problem is that you cannot see the size of the ring, nor can you check the quality. It can be silver or an irritating material. To avoid unpleasant surprises at the time of healing, we remain demanding in the choice of jewelry. We put the price to have a quality ring.Discover: Celebrities also wear piercings!

Daith piercing: all stages

A first visit is usually recommended to contact the piercer. On D-day, it is best to arrive as relaxed as possible. “It’s easy to say, but it helps make the piercing go well. Usually, the piercer tries to make you feel as comfortable as possible,” says our expert. If you have ever had a nose or ear piercing, you are more confident.

  • The daith piercing area, the helix, is cleaned.
  • Next, a mark is made at the crease of the ear to define the precise area to be pierced.
  • Right after, the specialist gives an antiseptic and proceeds to the piercing. Immediately after the daith piercing is done, the jewel is inserted.

Hurts? “At the moment of the passage, it stings or stings. It is fleeting. I do not like to speak of pain, but of sensations. And it depends on the person and the level of stress. Right after the passage of the jewel, you do not feel anything” , he says Nicholas. The pain is not comparable to that of a septum, nose or labret piercing, at the level of the lip. Steel rings are cold, that may come as a surprise. It is better not to make an appointment at lunchtime or with a busy schedule. To be in the best condition, you don’t have to be in a hurry. And for the price, on average, it costs between 40 and 60 euros.

How to care for a daith piercing right after?

The pain completely disappears right after the piercing. It is time for the scars to heal. “First of all, don’t touch your ring,” warns our professional. The skin needs to get used to the piercing and the hole for good healing.

When playing with the earring, you run the risk of causing inflammation, since the hands are not always clean, and of infection. For a month, the jewel is cleaned every day. Wash your hands. Next, a sterile nonwoven cloth pad is moistened with saline solution and rubbed gently over the ends of the ring. This is to remove the small secretions resulting from the healing process.

Then, with a second compress, the ear is gently dried.“This can be facilitated by starting with the gentle application of a mild soap in the shower before rinsing with saline. Be careful, drying the ring is an important step in the care process,” says the owner of Tribal Act. On the other hand side, do not sleep on it because the ear can rub against the pillow and move the earring.

For a month, do not bathe in the pool, sauna, hammam or in the sea. You can’t use headphones for at least 6 months. And after 6 months, you can exchange your ring for the piercing that you like. These recommendations also apply to piercings such as the conch, tragus or rook …

Daith piercing and migraine: myth or reality?

When we searched for this piercing in search engines, we found many articles linking daith piercing and migraines. For our piercing professional: “He’s a legend.”

The theory that this gem could treat migraine headaches is related to a traditional Chinese medicinal practice: acupuncture. According to this practice, it is assumed that the vital point of the daith piercing is aligned with the digestive system and if migraines are related to digestive problems, the “daith piercing can be a solution”, according to Dr. Will Foster , acupuncturist in the city from Knoxville, Tennessee.

Western medicine and its practitioners remain skeptical about the ability of a simple ear piercing to treat a condition as delicate and unpredictable as migraines. Today, there are no data that could really prove this theory. This area only contains cartilage. Ear piercing is mostly cosmetic.

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