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Balayage highlights: the hair trend that you can wear all year long

Balayage highlights are in fashion and you can also wear them all winter long. In addition, they are natural and suitable for blondes and brunettes. You will love them if you haven’t tried them yet!Index

This coloring technique has been in fashion for a few years. The balayage wicks have become quite highly demanded staining technique for hair. It is a trend that sweeps beauty. Although at first they were worn a lot especially in summer, now you can also wear it throughout the year. Balayage wicks are very fine wicks that help to light up the hair in a very soft way. These fine highlightsin lighter tones than the root they help to give more light to the face but in a very subtle way. If you are one of those who, for example, has never done highlights and you do not want to give yourself color at the root, it is one of the best options to change a little look. Even more they will convince you when we tell you that you do not have to go to the hairdresser very often. These highlights don’t need to be touched up frequently, just if you want to tone them down. That is, you will not have to deal with the dreaded root.

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Whether it is the first time you read about this trend, or if it is something that has been familiar to you for a long time, before starting to detail everything you need to know about balayage , you should know that this term comes from French, and it is precisely the word that they use in the Gallic country to designate the reflections in the hair . How good things sound in another language!

As almost always when a new trend appears, celebrities are the first to take it out on the street , so that the rest of us mortals envy their perfect manes that radiate that special light. Did you think it was due to the reflection of spotlights and flashes on the red carpet? Well no! Her secret is none other than balayage .

What is Balayage?

The Balayage began as staining technique to sweep color without being as aggressive as a complete discoloration. This technique is applied strand by strand, so it takes longer than usual. It is a technique that has evolved to focus your attention on the luminosity of the hair. The way of applying also does not damage the hair as much as the dyes since the wicks are very fine and are done differently depending on the length and amount of hair. If you have a lot then you will need more highlights and spread over more areas, than if you have finer hair.

If you want to lighten your hair but without touching the roots, you should bet on balayage highlights. Also ask your hairdresser what type of technique suits you best. But we believe that it is the most indicated if what you are looking for is luminosity in the face. It goes great especially to chestnuts. Women with darker hair often want to change their look, but not radically. If you are one of those brunettes who want to lighten their hair with small nuances and without damaging it or reaching an intense blonde, these highlights are the best alternative. Your highlights will look perfect without damaging the rest of the hair with aggressive and constant dyes. With the balayagethe hair is lightened without dyeing throughout the hair. It is ideal for brunettes who want to gradually lighten the tone of their hair and go more blondes. Helps to brighten the face with very fine locks.

Balayage highlights, although they are not a new trend in hair, they are still among the most requested and also in the 2019 coloring trends . And it is that this year, the highlights triumph and the colors very naturalthem except for the neon trend for the most daring. If you do not want hairstyles as drastic as this new trend neon colors full, we suggest you bet on the balayage wicks , the blonde dirty or cold brew . They give shine to blonde hair, and we love the effect they give.

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What is the difference between balayage and babylights?

Californian highlights have gone down in history. The new techniques that are sweeping are the balayage highlights and the babylights. They are two totally different hair techniques. In the case of babylights , it is not a technique but a type of coloring. These highlights imitate the blonde of babies, so it is recommended especially in lighter hair tones, and not so brown. Also, they are made from the root. Instead, the balayage highlightsThey are not made from the roots, and it is hardly distinguishable from where they start since they integrate quite well into the hair. To achieve this effect, it is essential to highlight highlights with one or two shades lower than the natural hair color. This type of highlights allows a degradation from a few centimeters from the roots to the ends, obtaining a progressive and subtle gradient.

This coloring trend is very booming, since they provide immediate luminosity. Many famous women have signed up for this trend as this way they give light to their face without the need for dyes, and not see such a marked root. As it is not a gradient that affects the entire mane, healthier hair can be achieved. In this way, you will not have to worry about touching up the roots every few weeks as with the occasional dye. This is because it is a style that leaves a very natural result , which makes it perfect for those who do not have time to go to the hairdresser often, those who want to give their hair light without going through a change of hair. radical color, and those who are not willing to be slaves of their hair.

What is the difference between balayage, ombré hair, ombré and melt hair?

  • The word ” ombré” means shadow in French. We can identify it because it is the one that is marking from the growth of dark hair reaching the middle and ends in a lighter tone.
  • The shadow technique is almost the same as the ombré only that the ‘s’ before it means soft. It implies that there is not that much difference between shades. A great example of celebrities who wear it is Jennifer López or Jessica Alba.
  • As we have seen before, the balayage is also similar to the sombre but the difference is that it has a connection from the middle of where it starts light to the top. There are some fine streaks of color that reach the scalp, although not all of them should have a specific pattern. They have to be different and what is recommended to use to paint them is a brush. Emphasis of light should be given in the front, the sides and fringes. Doing it in the back of the hair should be avoided at all costs.
  • The hair melt can be explained as follows : It is as if you put a chocolate on the head, melted and most of it remained up and down leftovers. That’s what melt means: the color melts. It is a technique that we recommend to people who do not want to constantly go to the salon to touch up. Also for young women who have never painted their hair as it is something very subtle. Sofía Vergara wears it like this.

Is balayage a valid trend for any hair type and length?

As you have already seen, many celebrities have already signed up to the balayage fashion , and continue to rely on this method, it does not matter what look you wear, if you have short hair or XLL hair. From the midi cuts of Alexa Chung and Olivia Palermo to the layered hair of Blake Lively and Jessica Biel , bayalage can be applied to almost all hair types, and it looks especially good with relaxed waves. We love their looks and you can copy it!

The length of her hair is the perfect one to show off your balayage highlights.This method is recommended by many hairdressers, especially for mid-length hair. It is a technique mainly recommended for medium hair as they need an adequate hair length to obtain the optimal degradation of tone, but don’t worry if you have longer hair. For longer hair it is also ideal, especially on the front locks and if you have a fairly loaded mane.

How long does the treatment take and how long does it last?

It varies depending on the mane. If you have a lot of hair, you can be at the hairdresser only when applying the highlights for at least an hour and a half. If you have a midi type hair much less. In the end it also depends a lot on how many highlights you want to apply to your hair, and the effect you want to achieve with them. As for the duration of color, these highlights are the ones that last the longest, especially in summer due to the sun. But to give you an idea, the color will last you about 10 weeks. In addition, during that time the hair grows so that it will gradually fade without the need to frequently touch up the roots. Ideal!

How to care for hair after treatment?

Although the balayage technique is not very aggressive for the hair and its effects on the hair fiber are much less than those of other dyes, it is important to apply specific care so that the color we have chosen does not lighten or take on too yellowish tones. These are some of the products that best protect hair coloring and give the best results:

  • No Yellow Granola Shampoo, avoid the orange or yellowish blonde tones of the highlights, buy on Amazon .
  • Violet shampoo for gray, white or highlighted hair of the Zelos brand, buy on Amazon .
  • L’Oreal Expert A-Ox Vitamino Color Protective Shampoo, buy on Amazon .

During the summer and on sunny days, protect your hair especially, since the sun’s rays will lighten the highlights and they will take on an unaesthetic orange tone. To prevent this from happening, apply sunscreen to your hair just as you do to your skin. We recommend the Salerm spray, it is very light and does not need rinsing, it protects the hair from UV radiation and hydrates it. Buy on Amazon .

Do you dare to try balayage or are you already one of those who have become addicted to these highlights?

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