Beauty accounts to keep in quarantine

Beauty accounts to keep in quarantine

If at any time we have had time, it is now. Surely you have already seen all the news from all the movie and series platforms and you no longer know what to see or how to entertain yourself. That is why from enfemenino we want to encourage you to have the best possible time and we propose several YouTube and Instagram accounts of beauty that will surely make your days much more enjoyable.

If we talk about makeup gurus ‘made in Spain’, we can’t stop talking about Ratolina . Marta, who is what this girl is called, lives the beauty life and discovers true treasures to her more than a million followers on her YouTube channel. In addition, he has an extraordinary technique and teaches us all his tricks in his tutorials. All with a touch of humor and freshness that characterize it.

The professional touch is given to us by Ana Albiol , who although now she has hung the brushes, we still have different wonderful tutorials that we can still enjoy. This makeup master has an impeccable technique and teaches us all her tricks to achieve perfect cheekbones, outlined red lips and healthy, glowing skin.

MyCrazyMakeup is another beauty key account that you cannot miss. Leticia is a true tester of cosmetic novelties. If you want to know someone’s opinion before investing in a product, surely you have their review on their channel. All this with the simplicity and professionalism that characterize it. A must to follow to always be up to date with beauty news.

JustBeautyByLucía is the channel of the queen of high-end products. It will present you with a lot of makeup treasures that are a real object of desire and you will want to have them all. Also, this quarantine is uploading tons of tutorials to your Instagram account and is providing us with daily content to keep us busy.Discover: Find out what makeup was in style the year you were born

Find out what makeup was in style the year you were born

The cheerful, fun and chic touch is put by ChicAdicta on Instagram. If you still do not follow her, you cannot miss her makeup and lifestyle looks, all with a K-Pop touch and a very careful aesthetic. Her feed is full of makeups that will surely inspire you and if you are not very showering with brushes, she teaches you her tricks in tutorials through stories.

If you are looking to have fun with makeup and enjoy creating impossible looks and not suitable for going to buy bread, then you have to go to a Café con Alma . This grenadine is pure joy and good vibes and surely more than a smile escapes you watching her videos. She shows you that makeup is pure entertainment and that it’s just that … makeup! So has to experience this quarantine has been said.

María Catalá is a professional makeup artist with an impeccable technique. His Instagram is worth visiting and his YouTube channel opens a small window for us to learn his perfect technique and polished finishes. If you like photography makeup, you can’t not take a look at their networks and online courses.

Lucía Puebla is a makeup artist who gives off sweetness in all her social networks. Both on Instagram and YouTube, he teaches us his secrets and reviews countless products. His tutorials are to remove hiccups and always maintaining a perfect skin line, but with a very natural touch

Claudia Cienfuegos is a makeup artist who leaves us spectacular looks both on her YouTube channel and on her Instagram. Her style is a powerful makeup in which she always emphasizes and enhances the eyes. All with an extra naturalness and good vibes.

If you like to see on your Instagram feed makeups with which to be inspired and careful photographs, you have to follow Janire Viguri . This woman from Bilbao is a makeup artist with an impeccable technique who has a feed that is a visual wonder for makeup lovers.

One account that every beauty junkie should follow is the Sephora Instagram profile . In it we can find tutorials from different influencers every week and they help us find and discover the products that can best work for our skin type. Welcome to House of Beauty

With all these accounts, you will surely find one that fits with the beauty content you are looking for and we hope they will cheer you up a bit these days. From here we invite you to take advantage of these days and free time to experiment with makeup and try new things. You are sure to be surprised by the results and you can put it into practice when this is over!

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