Did you know that there is a perfume for every moment of the day?

Did you know that there is a perfume for every moment of the day?

An aroma can make us feel sexier, more romantic or more elegant, but if you really want to squeeze the most out of a perfume, it would not hurt if you knew which notes (aroma of its components) are the most appropriate for each moment of the day.https://imasdk.googleapis.com/js/core/bridge3.447.1_es.html#goog_1424602156Volume 0%00:4200:43 Video by Carla Dominguez

Surely on more than one occasion you have noticed that certain cologne advertisements were set in the daytime , others in the evening and others in the darkest night, why? Very simple, depending on its components and its top notes, a fragrance is more suitable for a moment of the day , just as there are perfumes that are more suitable for certain seasons. You don’t mean to say the same thing on the way to work as when sunset finally comes and you go out for a drink with your date, do you?

At daytime

Chance © Chanel

To start the day with all the vitality possible, it is important to wear a fragrance that motivates and awakens you. Put aside the more intense aromas like patchouli, bergamot, jasmine or woods for the night. For the day nothing like fruity aromas that start the positivism in you . Citrus fragrances will wake you up completely. If you prefer slightly sweeter aromas, undoubtedly the apple is also a good nectar.

The perfume flowers are another very good option, provided they are not too intense flavors, try freesias and roses. Pink pepper is another infallible ingredient for a good daytime perfume .


Elixir of Merveilles© Hermes

When mid-afternoon plans appear, we want our fragrance to be noticed more than in the morning. There is nothing like walking and leaving a trail of perfume or that when you greet your friends, that phrase of “how good you smell!” Is repeated. To take this step forward, the flowers become an extra that will give your perfume the daring you need right at sunset. Think about those plans that start at 7 in the afternoon and turn into dinner and drinks, if your perfume continues to accompany you and leave a mark on your style, the evening will be perfect.

Sweet and intense vanilla or tangy ginger can make your perfume more sassy and personal . Lemon, musk ora light introduction to the woody scents , they are also welcome in the evening.

At night

The one by Dolce & Gabbana© Dolce & Gabbana

When the sun goes down, our behavior and that of all animals changes completely. The tranquility and warmth of the day give way to much more seductive aromas . It is the time of day in which we want to leave a mark and for our perfume to become a statement of intent, that is why the most intense aromas take over the perfumes. Musk, amber or patchouli become a key piece, but we must not forget flowers such as jasmine, orchids or violets that fill the night with personality.


You know, do not be afraid of perfumes and personalize your scent to the maximum, you will be unmistakable at any time of the day .

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