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Everything you need to know about French straightening

There are several types of straightening: Brazilian, Japanese, taninoplasty, etc. And now we have French straightening, which is the newest technique, we tell you all about this new and luxurious method that promises perfectly smooth and shiny hair.

There are techniques that help us keep our hair straight without having to spend hours straightening it with conventional hair straighteners. Some of these methods offer semi-permanent straightening, as is the case with French straightening.

French straightening is a method that was created in 2013 by the famous Parisian hairdresser Myriam K. It is made 100% in France and is inspired by the “hair cultures” of other countries. In addition, this technique is suitable for all types of hair, allowing, like other types of straightening, to have soft and straight hair.

Differences between French and Brazilian straightening and taninoplasty

All these methods are based on applying keratin to the hair (a natural protein that constitutes more than 80% of our hair), which allows it to restructure, nourish and smooth it semi-permanently.

Brazilian straightening:
Combats frizz by up to 80% and provides hair with nutrients such as collagen and keratin. It is perfect for people with thick hair who want to maintain hair with some volume.
If you want to try Brazilian straightening at home, you can do it with this kit from the brand Kativa. You can buy it on Amazon for € 15.15 .

Japanese straightening:
This technique alters the hair structure, achieving a permanent and irreversible straightening. The result is hair with a lot of shine, very smooth and with very little volume. This method is not recommended for people with severely damaged hair.

Unlike other methods, taninoplasty is less aggressive with the hair. It is an organic and natural origin treatment that is perfect for people with dry and damaged hair . It can reduce frizz by up to 80%, and it also helps us repair and shine damaged hair.

straightening : It is very similar to the Brazilian straightening. And it helps us eliminate frizz by up to 90%. It is not aggressive with the hairand it also helps us to nourish and repair it. French straightening is perfect for people with thick hair who want soft, low-volume hair. It is not a permanent treatment and can last up to 6 months. Another of its advantages is that it helps neutralize the orange and yellow tones in blonde hair.

Do you want to try French straightening at home? Can do with this kit Valquer brand, its concetrado SBS DivinityEffect Keratin restructures the hair fiber to prevent frizz and get smooth hair luzcas without iron. You can buy it on Amazon for € 25.60 .

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