Everything you need to know about hair bleaching
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Everything you need to know about hair bleaching

Hair is one of our biggest nightmares. Armpits, legs, arms or face are some of the places where the battle with hair becomes an odyssey. Luckily there are different alternatives to hide it. If you are not a friend of depilatory cream, razor or laser, discoloration may be your winning option.


Hair on the face, for example, varies according to age and origin. Brunette women have a greater tendency to have hair on their faces than blondes or Asians, but there is nothing left, this unsightly hair proliferates with age. With menopause, hair grows because testosterone is no longer held back by female hormones. In case of excessively important hairiness, consult the gynecologist.

What hair can I bleach?

Inside the facial hair , you can bleach the sideburns or the obnoxious mustache. There are those who also bleach their eyebrows with this method, but you must do it very carefully because you can risk it being a different color than your hair. The veil on the arms also looks great with bleaching.

However, for other areas of the body , it is better to opt for traditional hair removal with depilatory cream , hot wax, cold wax, electric epilator, tweezers or razor.https://imasdk.googleapis.com/js/core/bridge3.447.1_es.html#goog_1794007636Volume 0%00:0100:55 Video by Enfemenino Writing

How to do it?

In the market there are different bleaching sets which you can use yourself at home, following the instructions step by step. Normally, these kits are sold in the supermarket and are composed of a bleaching cream which must be mixed with the ammonia-based activator powders . As simple as applying with the help of a spatula, leaving it to act for ten minutes, remove it and rinse the area well and that’s it!

In cream or liquid, try different brands until you find the one you like best. We leave you this small selection:

Andina. It is the most popular bleaching cream. Its price does not usually reach € 10 and you can use it both on the body and on the face. There is also Andina Teen , especially for the most sensitive skin.

Mussvital . Formulated with hydrogen peroxide and glycerin, it makes your skin not dry after discoloration. Price: € 9.

Body Natur . Contains chamomile extract to prevent skin irritation. Does not contain non-allergen dye. Price: € 2.99.

Netline . It contains aloe vera to soothe the skin after discoloration. It comes with a dispenser that will do everything in a more precise way. Price: € 9.40.

Sunflower bleach. Unlike the other products that we have talked about, Girasol is a liquid product that you can apply directly with the help of a cotton ball or by mixing it with a few drops of ammonia. (cpv)

Andean bleaching cream© Andina

Risks of discoloration

It may happen that after using the bleach you feel some itchiness. To avoid this, it is advisable to do a test on the skin of the inner part of the arm. As it is an ammonia-based product, it should not be used on irritated skin, as it can cause burns.

Another possibility is that skin contact with the cream causes skin reactions and even allergies. In this case, consult your dermatologist .

Plan B

If you have some hair on your lip, you can bleach it. If not, cold wax is the best technique because it can pull out very fine and short hairs. If they are too dark, look at the laser at a dermatology or medical center. Another option is the ancestral method of oriental sugar wax that is capable of eliminating dead cells and the skin is completely soft.

And of course, do not forget the hot wax which you can do yourself at home or attend a beauty center. With this technique, the hair is born weaker and takes longer to come out.

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