Experts give their opinion on Pantene's Micellar Purify and Revitalize range

Experts give their opinion on Pantene’s Micellar Purify and Revitalize range

Surely you have already heard about the benefits of micellar water for cleansing the face, but now we can also enjoy its properties for cleansing the hair thanks to Pantene. In fact, if you don’t believe us, we bring you the conclusions of the users of our Club of Experts. They have had the opportunity to try Pantene’s Micellar Purify and Revitalize range and these have been their evaluations.

Did you know that micellar water can also be applied to cleaning hair ? Now thanks to Pantene Micellar , you can enjoy a unique and much more effective shampoo. Thanks to its combination of Pro-V nutrients and a micellar complex that elevates and captures impurities from the hair surface , we achieve cleaner, more nourished and stronger hair. Our Experts have been able to test this product at home and see its results for themselves. These are some of their evaluations : 97% would recommend and would use Miclear Purifica y Revitaliza from Pantene; 99% emphasize its effectiveness, while 98% emphasize its pleasant sensation of deep cleaning. Here you have all the data!

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