Facial hair removal: how to choose an epilator for facial hair?

Facial hair removal: how to choose an epilator for facial hair?

Electric epilators

Electric epilators can have very different technologies. Some work like a razor, others have multiple tweezers to remove hair down to the roots. The speeds can also be variable, depending on the model, with or without cable, waterproof (also called Wet & Dry) or not. Each has its strengths and weaknesses: a battery-powered device will only work for a relatively short time, but will often allow you to wax in the shower or bath.

The electric shaver epilator comes in the form of a tube, small and practical to put it in a bag or beauty bag. Cordless, it is practical and easy to use all over the face. The Yohoolyo 4-in-1 facial epilatorIt has 4 epilation heads with stainless steel blades that allow it to be used for the eyebrows, cheeks, mustache and even to remove the small unwanted hairs that sometimes protrude from the nose. Besides the face, this epilator also treats the armpits, bikini line and any other sensitive part of the body. However, although it is very effective in getting smooth skin in a few minutes, the result is not long-lasting, so we keep this option for quick touch-ups.

If you don’t want to have to epilate every morning, it is better to opt for an electric epilator that removes hair by the roots. With this type of device, the choice is wide. Braun offers the Silk-Epil 5-539 beauty set or the facial epilator. But in this brand, we especially like the FaceSpa Pro 912 white and bronze : we like its two-color design and its storage bag, but especially its accessories that allow you to take care of the skin by massaging it, cleaning it and filling it.

Philips has also launched its BRP531 / 00 epilation set : with its beautiful design, this set contains several epilators for each area, for greater precision and efficiency. However, the eyebrows are made with the glow tweezers.© Amazon

Pulsed light or laser hair removal systems

Laser and pulsed light are not the same technology. Pulsed light, also known as IPL, prevents hair from growing back, while laser destroys hairs down to the roots. But in both cases, the result is smooth, smooth skin that is long-lasting or even permanent.

You cannot do laser hair removal yourself: it can only be done in a dermatology consultation by a health professional. But you can afford a pulsed light hair removal system, which offers very good results over time.

For this type of epilator, it is essential to set the power according to the type of skin, and always start with a low enough level, even if it means increasing it if necessary. It is recommended to test in a discreet area of ​​the body, to avoid redness of the face. Once again, Philips is leading the way with its Luméa Prestige BRI956 / 00 IPL hair removal system , which delivers results from session 3 and contains an integrated UV filter. It is easy to use and is also efficient in other areas of the body, such as the armpits and legs.

The Action brand may not have the reputation of Philips, but it does offer a pulsed light epilatorvery effective with 5 intensity levels to suit all skin tones and hair colors. In addition, it not only removes hair from the face, but also from other areas of the body. Its small drawback is that it needs to be plugged in, so it must be handled with care. For the face, it is generally not a problem, especially since it is cheap and the result is very satisfactory.

If you choose a model of pulsed light hair removal system that does not provide protective glasses, we recommend ordering one as a supplement. You better be careful! In addition, this type of epilator should not be used on moles, scars, varicose veins … Read the instructions carefully before starting your sessions.

The “manual” and practical epilator

Sometimes all you need is a small accessory that is easy to slip into your pocket or bag, no cables, no batteries … just with the right touch. These epilators are recommended for those who do not have too much hair on their face, or for touch-ups when it is not possible to use an electric or pulsed light epilator. For quick and discreet hair removal!

For lips, cheeks or flawless eyebrows, a small manual epilator can meet all your needs. A spring system removes the hairs by trapping them, a bit like the oriental technique of the thread: the Yunai facial epilator is of incredible precision, and the Tweezermanit defends itself quite a bit, and is accompanied by tweezers to remove the hairs on its chin or cheeks by itself.© Amazon

In any case, simply wipe them over the area you want to wax to remove unsightly hair. If you have sensitive skin, some redness may appear: in this case, and as in any type of epilator, it is always a good idea to soothe the skin with an aloe vera gel or a vegetable oil (olive oil, argan oil or even better, avocado oil).

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