Do you know what photoepilation is and how it works?

Flash on the legs with the Philips Lumea prestige

Steal the glory from all women with soft, sexy legs? With Philips Lumea, it’s super easy.

During the Advent period, one festive night haunts the other. Wearing a cocktail dress with beautiful legs covered in skinny leggings is a real eye-catcher! Because, despite the low temperatures, we like to have great dresses.

With Philips Lumea Prestige, the “wow” effect is guaranteed. During this stressful time of year, take a break to remove unsightly hairs for a long time, in a quiet place with your Philips device. Thanks to IPL technology, the process is painless and can be done whenever and wherever you want. With silky legs, you’ll feel like a diva in the spotlight and your skin will say thank you!

Pulsed light: what you need to know

What is pulsed light?
Hair removal with Philips Lumea ‘ intense pulsed light ‘ (IPL) technology. The lamp acts on the roots of the hair, sending pulses of light. Hair falls out and regrowth is delayed with regular use.


  • Protection: Light waves arrive in the form of pulsating flashes, which is especially gentle on the skin.
  • App: The free app analyzes your individual skin and hair type, records hair removal sessions, and reminds you of the next one.
  • Lamp: The high-performance lamp has a life as long as the product and therefore does not incur additional costs.
  • Battery: without cables, the device is even easier to use, whether in front of the TV or when traveling!
  • Safe: The additional precision accessories for the bikini area and the face have an integrated light filter (UV-free).
  • Money-back guarantee: Try the device risk-free for 90 days.

How often?

The first results are visible after four treatments two weeks apart. It is then used according to individual needs and growth.

What are the benefits?

Long-term smooth legs and in a very simple way, where and when you want, without having to make an appointment with the beautician.

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