From brunette to blonde: follow these steps to dye your hair

From brunette to blonde: follow these steps to dye your hair

Thinking of lightening your hair? We tell you the best ways to go from brunette to blonde without color problems!


There is a law that is always followed: if you are a brunette, you want to be a blonde; and if you are blonde, you want to be a brunette. However, there are many coloring techniques that must be adapted to the structure of the hair and the original color. Because only in this way can color errors such as orange, yellow or green be prevented. If you want to dye your hair blonde, it is better to go to a professional to do this study.

The hairdresser will analyze the structure of your hair and choose the appropriate coloring technique. To choose the method, it is also important to know how often the hair has been dyed in recent years. The more damaged your hair is and the more artificial pigments you’ve already used, the more complicated the bleaching process will be.

Aside from the hair structure, time and money you are going to invest, it is important to determine which bleaching method is right for you. Here’s a summary!

From brunette to blonde in one day: it’s effective but it’s expensive.

From brunette to blonde in one day … it is possible but only if you invest many hours. You have to bleach strand by strand and this takes time. If you are willing to reverse it, start with the tips, because most of the color pigments are found here. Only when the tips are ready does the bleaching process begin.

After the appropriate exposure time, the dissolved pigments are brushed by hand and applied to another part of the hair. This means that the bleaching process is maintained until the desired degree of bleaching is achieved. However, depending on the original color, this procedure can take many hours and must be continually reviewed. It’s no wonder that very few hairdressers offer this service.

The advantages of this method:you turn blonde in one day. If you can get the transition from brunette to blonde to look good, you will only need an after-treatment with color.

The downside: this method is extremely expensive and you will have to invest a lot of time.

From brunette to blonde in stages: you will invest more time but it is cheaper

If you can take your time, you can also lighten your dark hair in stages. For example, with a two-step process. One stroke of bleaching can lighten hair up to seven shades lighter. If this is not enough, you should do a second pass to achieve the desired blonde.

If the result is a golden orange, you will need to do it again or use dye . However, this is only possible the next day at the earliest; since dyeing twice in the same day is not possible for physical-chemical reasons.

From brunette to blonde using highlights

Another way to dye your hair blonde is with highlights: you dye your hair little by little in several sessions and it gradually lightens.

The advantage of this method: lightening hair from brown to blonde looks completely natural and your surroundings will hardly notice the change. Also, the procedure itself is not complicated.

The downside: Strands of hair are bleached two or three times until you get the blonde you want. It is very difficult to exactly separate the tinted strands from the non-tinted ones. With which, this can lead to different shades of blonde.© iStock

From brunette to blonde with the “ombre hair” technique: the best option for short hair

If you have short hair and would like to be blonde, the best method is “ombre hair”. It consists of dyeing yourself blonde from the roots to the ends and, in each hairdressing session, you would clean the ends and lighten the roots until all your hair was blonde. In the end no one will notice the color change because blonde hair was bleached for several weeks or even months.

The good thing is that there is no fear of visible transitions, the first shock will be the first time you go but as the hair grows, it will be all progressive. The only downside is that this method is not suitable for long hair.

From brunette to blonde: is it really as harmful as they say?

Of course, bleaching is not healthy for your hair. But what is really harmful is the bleaching technique you use. The longer the bleaching process itself lasts and the lower the hydrogen content of the product, the less the hair will be damaged and the lighter and more beautiful the blonde will become. Many hairdressers now also work with Olaplex. This additive, which is added to hair color, makes coloring softer while protecting your hair .

Dark hair that has been punished by coloring can even benefit from bleaching because it would remove excess artificial pigment. Bleached hair will grow lighter and silkier.© iStock

From brunette to blonde: Will it look good on me?

Although it is no longer a big problem to take the step from becoming a brunette to a blonde, the big question we all ask ourselves is … will blonde suit me?

The basic rule is: the natural color of the hair and the natural tone of the skin form a unit . The more the natural hair color is changed, the more artificial it can appear since it would not be in line with our complexion. For example, women whose skin tends to a grayish-yellow color, the color blonde can make them appear sick and tired. The rosier the complexion, the brighter and cooler you can appear with blonde hair. On the contrary, medium-colored skin works best with a honey blonde or a dark blonde.

If you are not happy with your new color, you can easily go brown again. Perhaps dyeing yourself a shade or two of darker blonde may be enough to make you look your best. To prevent chestnut from turning greenish, it is better to go to the hairdresser.

From brunette to blonde: at the hairdresser or at home?

On supermarket shelves, you can see bleaching creams and hair dyes. The first thing that will come to mind is that you can lighten your hair at home, right? That’s right, with a big “but”. The darker, more damaged or more times you have dyed your hair, the more likely it is that color problems will occur and unwanted green or yellow tones appear … A perfect blonde that highlights the natural tone of your skin, and protects the hair structure as much as possible; can only be done by a professional.

Whatever the decision you make, if you want to take the step of dyeing your hair blonde yourself, you should seek advice from a specialist (hairdresser or makeup artist). He can recommend the right shade of blonde and, if necessary, the appropriate products.

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