Ginger, the ingredient of beauty

Ginger, the ingredient of beauty

It is not news that natural products are the ones that best feel our body, so if we tell you that ginger has a thousand and one properties that will help make you more beautiful, surely you will not be surprised. Do you want to know the benefits of this fantastic plant?


Although its use in the kitchen is becoming more and more popular, ginger has never been a typical food of our gastronomy, much less of our beauty routine . However, it is capable of providing a huge amount of benefits to our skin, hair, even traffic! If you want to look like new without spending any money, run to the market and get some ginger .

Before making any of these recipes, here’s the first tip : when you buy your ginger, make sure you keep it well . There is nothing better than peeling it, dicing it, wrapping it in aluminum foil and storing it in the fridge. In this way you can keep it for longer and it will be much easier and more comfortable to work with it .

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Thicker lips

If you are not comfortable with the volume of your lips , do not worry, ginger can help you achieve the desired thickness . Create your own Vaseline by mixing a tablespoon of olive oil, a teaspoon of beeswax, and of course ginger , in this case striped. Leave the cream on your lips for at least 25 minutes, and then gently remove it, no rubbing. Surely you have nothing to envy the lips of Angelina Jolie.

Goodbye puffy eyes

For the days when your eyes are tired and seem puffy, you can dip into the ginger and leave your look like new. Boil ginger in 500 milliliters of water for 10 minutes. When after resting, the mixture is warm, apply a few drops of it on a cotton ball and let it rest on your eyes for as long as you think necessary .

Prevents aging

It is one of its best known benefits. It is a plant rich in antioxidants, and it helps our skin not lose elastin . With this simple mask applied once or twice a week, you will put your wrinkles at bay and your skin will be smoother than ever . You only need a teaspoon of honey and some powdered ginger. Mix the ingredients well and apply it on clean skin. Let it act for 15 minutes, and voila!

Natural scrub

Create your own scrub by mixing two tablespoons of the wonderful ginger, two tablespoons of salt, two tablespoons of almond oil, and one teaspoon of honey. Apply this homemade scrub with gentle circular movements, let it sit for 20 minutes , and rinse your skin with cold water.

No spots on the skin

For people who have pigmentation problems in their skin, ginger can help to even out their tone in several ways. For example, taking a glass of milk with ginger powder every day, little by little, will help make the difference in pigmentation more subtle.

Repair mask

There are nights that leave you devastated, and when you get home, the reflection that the mirror returns to you can scare you. If you want to look your best face the next morning, a ginger mask is your solution . There are thousands of recipes, do a little exploring on the internet and find the one you like the most. Ginger is rich in gingerol, an anti-inflammatory active that will reduce that swollen face look so characteristic of party nights.

Hair ally

When it comes to hair, ginger can help you in many ways. Part of its properties are very beneficial in the fight against hair loss . Nothing like an infusion of lemon and ginger tea on your scalp to slow down the fall. Let this toner sit on your scalp for 20 minutes, and don’t forget to rinse it off. If you repeat this process often, you will notice the changes.

You can also accelerate the growth of your hair thanks to ginger . If you blend some ginger cubes, add water and strain everything, you will get the magic formula. Apply it on your hair and leave it there for 15 minutes. You’ll be just one step away from being Rapunzel herself!

However, ginger is not a food that feels good to anyone, and it may irritate your stomach, or you simply do not feel comfortable with its use. If this is your case, you just have to remove it from your diet.

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