Good girls: the new generation of good girls who are not so good

Good girls: the new generation of good girls who are not so good

Doing everything right and trying to be perfect is no longer in fashion. In addition to being smart, independent, determined and powerful, today’s hot girls also know how to break the rules. Do you want to know what a good girl is and if you are one of them?

From changing the look to being able to combine forbidden colors like red and pink, the concept that we have always had in our heads of “being a good girl” has just been reinterpreted. Women like Emma Watson , Taylor Swift or Cara Delevingne have the world at their feet: they are beautiful, they are intelligent and they do not get carried away by what they will say. The line between good and evil is not dangerous for them. I found out here and now who the good girls are .

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All of them stand out for a professional career that they have built with a lot of work, they are also fashion icons and with their words and their actions they have managed to change the historical moment that they have to live. Giving speeches at the UN, holding catwalk openings or heading lists of the highest paid people in the world are some of the events on their agendas. A good girl does not stay at home waiting for things to happen, she goes out to seek her luck.

What does a ‘good girl’ perfume herself with?

Of course your image is very careful. Devoting hours to meditation, sports and following a healthy diet are other characteristics. Our body is our temple and that is why we must work on it daily and lead a healthy life.

The good girls have managed to break with years of superficial stereotypes and today manage to show their faces in a much more natural way. Thin brows gave way to thick, carefree brows; the makeups too overloaded gave way to the look healthy, that is composed of very few products and seek a natural termination; and of course the hairas long as that of the princesses of the stories has already begun to see how his reign ends. Yes, the culprits of all this are the good girls . You will recognize them by their hair above their shoulders, their bushy eyebrows, their illuminated face and their lips painted in bold colors.

But what does a “good girl” perfume with? In case you hadn’t noticed, a good girl is capable of combining light and dark, bringing good out of bad and being sensual without losing a drop of elegance . The best way to capture all these nuances is by combining floral aromas with others such as coffee, almonds or spicy … The result? A perfumeintense, original, sweet and sophisticated. All this was summed up by Good Girl, Carolina Herrera’s new fragrance . His best ambassador could not be other than Karlie Kloss, supermodel, student at New York University and with more than 5 million followers on Instagram. The American perfectly represents what a good girl is : intelligent, athletic, feminine and willing to change the rules .

Professional success

Throughout their lives, good girls went to school and stood out above the rest by hard work and high marks. The same goes for good girls . They are capable of building empires solely and exclusively with their work. Taylor Swift began writing her own poems as a child, taught herself to play the guitar, and can now boast of filling soccer fields and selling millions of records around the world. Believe it or not, Taylor can also be a bad girlas he surprised his fans and the public when he refused to share his work for free on various platforms. This measure was widely criticized, but the quality of her work caused her album sales to skyrocket … Every now and then it’s okay not to be such a good girl!


Powerful friendships

This is another of the fundamental characteristics of a good girl. Friends are forever and nothing like going out with them so that any event becomes a party. In the perfect outfit for a girls’ night, you can never miss heels, a red lipstick and of course a perfume that summarizes the essence of this generation of women, a perfume capable of uniting elegance, sensuality and security, a perfume like Good Girl by Carolina Herrera . Good girls always go together, look at the It Girls who, in addition to being fashionable and succeeding in their professional careers, go to events together, support each other in all their projects and share hundreds of photos on social networks.Karlie Kloss, Gigi Hadid, Cara Delevingne … All of them are always together and perfectly represent those good girls who are capable of not being so good.

If you know perfectly who you are and know how to walk safely while still having the support of friends, partner and family … You can say it out loud: You are a good girl!

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