Gua Sha massage, the routine that your skin needs

Gua Sha massage, the routine that your skin needs

Illuminating, anti-aging, relaxing and with a detox effect. These are some of the properties that the Gua Sha massage has on your skin. Turned into one of the latest instagrammable beauty trends, the massage with the Gua Sha stone will not leave you indifferent.

If jade rollers are already a must in our beauty rituals, Gua Sha massages are also here to stay. Both treatments are based on the same principle: with a specific stone or crystal, facial massages are performed that stimulate blood circulation, smooth the skin and make your anti-aging products absorb better . Coming from Asia, the Gua Sha stone massage is applied to 7 points on the face and has numerous benefits on your skin.

Traditionally, these stones were used in other parts of the body, especially the back, to remove the most superficial layers of the skin through friction. They were much more aggressive massages that, on many occasions, generated redness. This ritual has been transferred to facial care and has become one of the most viewed beauty trends on Instagram . It can be made either with jade stone, with soothing properties, or with rose quartz, with detox properties for your skin. The massage should work mainly 7 points of the face:

  • Neck : move the stone through this area of ​​the body creating different shapes, ascending and descending movements, in circular shapes …
  • Chin : you must exert different pressure from top to bottom, drawing the contour of the face.
  • Bitter line : from the top of the lip to the chin.
  • Cheekbones and cheeks: make movements from the nose towards the cheekbone, varying the movements and pressures.
  • Eye contour : the cold effect is particularly effective in this area of ​​the face. Follow the lines from the eyebrows to the temples and then apply small cold strokes to the lower area of the eye contour .
  • Bar code : reduce expression lines that are so marked in this area by sliding the stone in this area repeatedly.
  • Forehead : press from the area between the eyebrows to the hairline several times.

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Where can I find the Gua Sha stone?

Typically, the Gua Sha stone is sold alongside the jade roller to enjoy a full facial massage routine. At Sephora, you can find the Skin Gym brand model. The pack contains a rose quartz roller and the Gua Sha stone made of the same material. It’s available from Sephora for € 59.95 .© Sephora

You can also find other versions, at a lower price, on Amazon. For example, this facial massage set contains a jade roller and a Gua Sha stone for € 19.99. It is the best seller on the platform and has more than 200 positive ratings. You can buy it here .© Amazon

When to incorporate facial massage into your beauty routine?

When we talk about cosmetics and facial routine, the order of the factors does alter the product . This includes the use of the jade roller and the Gua Sha stone, used at the right time within the steps of our facial routine day and night will be much more effective. The first of our daily facial routine should always be a correct cleaning. While we sleep, our pores secrete fat and sweat and, in addition, they can store remnants of the products of our night routine when we wake up. Therefore, it is essential to wash your face in the morning with a facial cleanser.

When we have clean skin, we apply the serum. Ideally, it should contain antioxidants to help us fight free radicals and can slow down skin aging. It is at this moment that the jade roller and the Gua Sha stone enter the scene . Apply a few drops of your serum on the skin and massage with one of these two stones. In this way, the active ingredients in your serum will be better absorbed and, in addition, your skin will be fresh and luminous.

The next step is hydration , apply your moisturizer on the skin so that it is smooth and soft. Last but not least, apply a sunscreen that protects your skin from the aggressions of UVA / UVB rays . After this ritual, your skin will be ready to apply makeup.

At night, use the Gua Sha stones or the jade roller after facial cleansing when applying the serum . Your skin will be relaxed, it will better absorb the ingredients of your facial products and, in the morning, it will look more luminous and radiant.

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