Halloween makeup step by step: 10 terrifying ideas

Halloween makeup step by step: 10 terrifying ideas

Halloween is dangerously close, which is the perfect excuse to bring out your inner make-up artist and give free rein to creativity. Forget white painted faces and fake dark circles that don’t have a shred of grace. If you want to jump into scary makeup, here are some ideas.

There’s nothing left for Halloween night and that only means one thing: it’s time to get creative and bring out our dark side. A good costume is important, but if there is one thing that makes a difference, it is an accomplished and spooky makeup.

Makeup 1. Skull or death

Let’s be honest, although we love Halloween, we usually leave the planning of our outfits for the last moment. That is why, in general, as we don’t like to complicate our lives, one of the first ideas that we propose is very easy skeleton makeup .

It’s very simple, the only thing you need is your usual makeup and white cream paint (suitable for the skin, of course). Paint your whole face white. Once you have the foundation, it is only a matter of giving a little volume to areas such as the cheekbones, following the contouring technique with some dark shadow. The nose must be black to give the impression that it does not exist. Don’t forget to draw the teeth to complete this look .

Yes, we know, it may be that characterizing yourself as a skull is very popular, but what if we give it a twist and only apply it to half the face , leaving the other half with a red carpet makeup?

For that you can divide your face in two , either with a horizontal line or with a vertical one. The technique to apply in either of the two is the same, but to explain it well we will put ourselves in the situation of a vertical division, as in the photo. Spread the white paint over the nose and cheekbones to the right. Then paint a black circle around the eye, bringing the color to the eyebrow, and fill it in. Also, remember the black nose and drawing the smile.

Makeup 2. Zombie

We go from one classic to another with this zombie makeup . It is possibly one of the easiest to achieve, since you simply need to put white, green or light paint on the face , including the lips.

Don’t stop paying attention to the eyes. The dark circles have to be very well marked with shadows, as well as the cheekbones. In addition, to complete this haggard zombie look, you can also use colored lenses, even white, that highlight this area more.

Makeup 3. Animals

Wolf, cat, tiger, no matter the animal you choose, the important thing about this makeup is to draw the hairs well . The materials you need cannot be more basic since, with a pencil of the appropriate color, you can paint small stripes to simulate the fur on the cheekbones, cheeks, nose and eyebrows . Not scary enough? Add some touches like scratches or wounds painted with red makeup and you will be the king of the party.

Makeup 4. Devil doll

Is getting a perfect doll makeup possible? Yes, we tell you how.

Use a black pencil to mark the mouth and eyes, the idea is to make them look ‘mobile’ . To make the size of the eyes appear larger you have to draw some eyelashes above and below the eyelids. From there, paint some well marked freckles on top of red cheeks and that would be it.

A variation of this makeup is the broken doll . If what you are looking for, in addition to a delicate look, is to be scary, possibly this option will go better with you. This look requires a bit more technique, but with a little practice in front of the mirror and a dark pencil with some shadows, you can create that illusion. With a vintage dressyour Halloween photos will be the best !

Makeup 5. Witch

If you are tired of the witch makeup of a lifetime, those that have a green face with a wart strategically located on a large nose, you can use this idea to achieve a more beautiful and original style , without giving up being in the latest fashion easy way.

If you are a Disney fan, you can turn to some of our favorite villains, such as the witch Maleficent. To characterize yourself as she is, you can follow a makeup tutorial with purple and green tones, remembering after marking and outlining her most characteristic features, the eyes, nose and cheekbones. Don’t forget to wear an eye-catching lipstick.

Makeup 6. Mexican or catrina skull

The popularity of calavera y catrina makeup has not stopped growing, at first because of its originality and now because of its beauty. It is not strange to see that, Halloween after Halloween, Instagram is flooded with these characteristic characters. These curious skeletons are not just costumes, but represent part of the culture of Mexico , full of colors, styles and shapes .

Catrina makeup needs some eye shadows and a black eyeliner. With black, draw and fill in the eye sockets, the nose and a “sewn” smile. From there, add touches of color wherever you want, around the eyes, mainly, and on the forehead. We recommend using cream makeup on which powder shadows sit better.

Makeup 7. Corpse Bride

If before we used the bad guys from Disney as inspiration, why not base our costume on another type of character?

The Corpse Bride is another costume that never fails . To get the look, all you need is to paint your face with white or blue cream paint. The only thing missing is to give volume to the face with a darker blue shadow and paint the lips with a strong color, such as passion red, to achieve that drawing look.

Makeup 8. Vampire

Vampires have always been the most graceful sinister beings. To be able to look like them, you only need a couple of details, including a couple of fake fangs, a bit of fake blood and your usual makeup .

This option is perfect if you want to attend a party without giving up fashion, wearing a beautiful dress or a more formal suit.

Makeup 9. Pumpkin

Until not so long ago, pumpkin makeup was practically reserved for children. However, now there are many tutorials that explain how we can put on pumpkin makeup to become the protagonists of the party.

Apart from the orange base, we will have to use a black pencil to mark the indentations of the pumpkin, as well as the holes for the eyes and a mouth with pointed teeth. If you have to put makeup on a friend, we advise you to start with this style, simple as well as colorful.

Makeup 10. Saw

Returning to the fictional world we find Billy the Puppe t. This name may not sound familiar to you at first, but if we talk about Saw , the first image that comes to mind is that of this character.

To disguise yourself as one of the most sadistic and intelligent characters, apart from clothes, you need convincing makeup. On a white base, draw bright red blushes in a spiral shape . Paint your lips the same color and from the corners to the chin strip some black lines. To finish, blacken your eyes and try to paint the center with reddish tones.

Makeup for sloths: zipper, eyes, wounds and more

You don’t need much to get creepy costumes. Even so, if all these options that we present seem too complex, you can also choose one of these:

  • Wounds It is clear that it does not take a great makeup to be the scariest on Halloween night. For the Day of the Dead you can bet on false wounds in which the more blood, the better.
  • Eyes. Most Halloween makeup focuses on the eyes, so if you don’t want to complicate yourself, find a look for them. For example, draw a spider web with a black liner.
  • Accessories. You can also go to latex or techniques that allow you to add any type of object to your face and body, one more step in the makeup process of a lifetime. Some of the trends, such as a zipper or an object stuck in the face, you can find them on Pinterest or Instagram.

Exploit your creativity to the maximum to get your look this Halloween

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