Healthy weekly menu for the whole family

Healthy weekly menu for the whole family

Work, friends, family, hobbies … our day to day can be full of tasks that make us sit at the table without having planned our menu. That’s why we want to make it very easy for you and provide you with a healthy weekly menu for the whole family. 

We have two excuses to share this menu with you: today is National Nutrition Day 2019 and in addition, our YouTube nutrition channel has reached 100,000 subscribers. These two reasons for celebration have brought together 12 Alimmenta nutritionists to prepare you a healthy menu that you can download here . In this article we also share the video in which the nutritionists explain why they have chosen each dish on the menu. His explanation will help you to apply his criteria of choice in your future weekly menus. Below, we also share the recipes and ingredients, so that you have no excuse when it comes to encouraging you to follow our menu.

And if you want better that we tell you instead of reading it, in this video the nutritionists of Alimmenta explain how to prepare the recipes.

Table of Contents

The recipes of your healthy weekly menu


Breakfast: tomato and avocado toast and yogurt with pear

  • Ingredients: whole wheat toast with tomato, avocado and pepper. 
  • Preparation: cut half a tomato and half an avocado into slices and arrange them on a toast of wholemeal bread. It is spiced with a little bit of ground pepper. This dish will provide you with healthy fats, antioxidants (tomato lycopene), fiber and fruit, and probiotics.

Food: baked breasts with vegetables and spices

  • Ingredients: 1 whole breast baked with zucchini, green pepper, onion, tomato and mushrooms. 
  • Preparation: Sauté the vegetables in the pan, first adding the onion and pepper, then the zucchini and mushrooms and finally the sliced ​​tomato. Add the vegetables to the baking tray, season the whole breast and bake for 30 minutes at 180º. It is a dish rich in vegetables (vitamins, minerals, fiber) and satiating that incorporates lean proteins of high biological value.

Snack: bowl of natural yogurt with nuts, strawberries and grated coconut

  • Ingredients: natural yogurt, strawberries and grated coconut.
  • Preparation: prepare a bowl with plain yogurt or beaten cheese and add a handful of nuts and washed and chopped strawberries. You can add grated coconut on top.

Dinner: pumpkin and onion cream with toasted chickpeas and hard-boiled egg

  • Ingredients:
  • Preparation: fry a clove of garlic with olive oil. Clean and cut the onion, leek and pumpkin. Start by adding the onion and the leek, so that it takes on flavor with the garlic. Later add the pumpkin. Cover all the vegetables with water, add salt and spices to taste and let it cook. Crush.
    In parallel, boil 2 eggs. For the chickpeas, once you have them boiled, season them with oregano, salt and turmeric and brown them a little in the oven until they are toasted. Assemble the platter.


Breakfast: bowl of yogurt with apple and granola

  • Ingredients: 1 apple, 1 natural yogurt, 1 serving of granola.
  • Preparation: prepare a baked apple with cinnamon (you can roast it the night before) and assemble the bowl with natural yogurt, the baked apple in pieces and granola.

Lunch: cream of leeks and apple + pork tenderloin with brown rice

  • Ingredients (4 people): 4 leeks, 1 apple, 1 potato, 3-4 glasses of poultry broth and olive oil.
  • Preparation: for the cream, sauté 4 leeks with a little olive oil. When it is poached, pour a glass of water and grind it. Add a small potato, an apple, 2-3 glasses of broth and cook for about 20 minutes. At the end, they are crushed and ready.
    For the sirloin, you cut it into medallions and grill it with a little oil and high heat. Accompany it with some brown rice. It is very good accompanied by a little apple compote or red berries.

Snack: natural yogurt with strawberries

  • Ingredients: natural yogurt and strawberries
  • Preparation: the strawberries are washed and chopped and mixed in a bowl with the natural yogurt.

Dinner: lamb’s lettuce, couscous and beet salad with halibut 

  • Ingredients: Lambs lettuce, beets, olive oil, lemon, couscous, halibut, parsley, garlic and pepper.
  • Preparation: for the salad you must boil the beet for 15 minutes, then drain it and cut it into cubes. Once cut, you place it in a salad bowl along with the clean lamb’s lettuce. On the other hand, hydrate the couscous according to the instructions on the package and mix all the ingredients. Dress with olive oil, lemon and spices that are to your liking.
    For the second dish, finely chop the garlic and parsley and go through the paella with a little oil. Once the garlic is golden brown, add the fish, salt and pepper and cook on both sides.


Breakfast: toast with tomato and zucchini omelette

  • Ingredients: whole wheat toast, tomato, ½ zucchini, salt and extra virgin olive oil.
  • Preparation: sauté half zucchini in a pan and mix it with a previously beaten egg. Add a little oil to a frying pan and prepare the omelette. Accompany the omelette with toast and tomato.

Lunch: quinoa, broccoli, tuna and piquillo pepper salad

  • Ingredients: quinoa, broccoli, tuna, piquillo pepper, extra virgin olive oil and salt.
  • Preparation: wash the quinoa well and bring it to a boil. On the other hand, cut the broccoli into small trees and boil it. Meanwhile, in a bowl mix a can of tuna with the piquillo pepper in strips and reserve it in the fridge. When everything is at the same temperature, you can mix it and season it to taste. It is a perfect recipe to take in a tupperware.

Snack: Pancakes with peanut butter and raspberries

  • Ingredients: 1 small cup of vegetable drink, 1 small cup of whole wheat flour, ½ dessert spoon of yeast, 1 pinch of salt. For the peanut butter: half a glass of unsalted roasted peanuts.
  • Preparation: to make the dough for the pancakes you have to mix the vegetable drink with the flour, yeast and salt. Beat the ingredients until smooth. Add a little oil to a frying pan and, when it is hot, add a little batter. When bubbles start to appear on the surface, flip it over. To make the peanut butter, mash the roasted peanuts until you get the texture you like. If you want to make it lighter, you can add a little water. To serve, spoon peanut butter on the pancakes and top with a few raspberries.

Dinner: strawberry and toast gazpacho with scrambled tofu

  • Ingredients for the gazpacho: 5 ripe tomatoes, 1 bowl of strawberries, 1 cucumber, 1 green pepper, ½ onion and 1 glass of water.
    Ingredients for the tostadas with scrambled tofu: 2 whole wheat toasts, 120g soft tofu, ½ onion, 5 large mushrooms, ½ bunch of wild asparagus
  • Preparation: you have to beat all the ingredients with the mixer and add salt and vinegar to your liking. If you like it less thick, you can add more water. For the second course you will need the whole wheat bread, the tender tofu, the wild asparagus, the onion and the mushrooms. First you have to cut the mushrooms into slices and chop the asparagus and onion. Sauté them with a little oil. While they are browning you can undo the tofu with your hands and add it to the pan. You can add provencal herbs or another spice that you like. To serve it, put the scrambled eggs on top of some toast that will provide you with carbohydrates.


Breakfast: cheese and tomato toast and fruit

  • Ingredients: Toast, arugula or lamb’s lettuce, fresh cheese or cottage cheese and pieces of cherry tomato and walnuts. Orange or a serving of strawberries.
  • Preparation: Choose a whole wheat bread, toast it and add fresh cheese or cottage cheese, cherry tomato, lettuce or arugula and pieces of walnuts on top. Accompany it with an orange or sliced ​​strawberries.
    It is a breakfast source of healthy fats (nuts), antioxidants (lycopene from tomato), fiber from bread and fruit, vit C from orange or strawberries, and calcium from fresh cheese or cottage cheese.

Food: stuffed aubergines with vegetables, chicken and hard-boiled egg

  • Ingredients: 2 whole aubergines, zucchini, onion, red and green pepper, mushrooms, chicken breast, egg, grated cheese, oil, salt and black pepper.
  • Preparation: wash the aubergines with water and pat dry. Cut the 2 aubergines into 2 pieces lengthwise. Make cuts in the inner meat of the eggplant, empty the inside with a spoon and reserve. Chop the pulp of the aubergine and clean and chop the zucchini, onion, red pepper, green pepper and mushrooms. Heat a pan, cook the grilled chicken breast and reserve it. Then, in the same pan, add oil if necessary and sauté all the previously cut and seasoned vegetables (including the aubergine). At the same time, boil 2 hard-boiled eggs. When the vegetables are done, add the chicken breast and the chopped or chopped hard-boiled egg and mix everything. Preheat the oven to 180º, in an oven-safe tray. Arrange the 4 halves of the aubergine, fill them with the mixture of vegetables, chicken and egg. Cover them with grated cheese and put them in the oven for about 30 minutes, turning on the lower plate of the oven so that the aubergine is cooked. Finish by giving a 5 minute gratin touch, so that the cheese melts.
    This dish provides you with antioxidants from aubergines, vitamin C from red and green peppers, fiber from vegetables, protein of high biological value from eggs and chicken. It can be prepared without a hard-boiled egg.
Stuffed aubergines, just before adding the grated cheese. Recipe from the nutritionist in Sabadell Vanesa Rus.

Snack: yogurt with blueberries and pistachios

  • Ingredients: natural yogurt, blueberries and pistachios.
  • Preparation: take a bowl and add 125 ml of natural yogurt, 150g of well washed blueberries and about 10-15g of pistachios, chopped into small pieces. Mix the ingredients and enjoy this delicious healthy and nutritious snack, rich in calcium and vitamin D thanks to yogurt, in antioxidants from anthocyanins that give blueberries their color, vitamins C and group B and healthy fats, vegetable proteins and fiber thanks to the pistachios.

Dinner: baked sea bass with vegetables and Moroccan-style couscous

  • Ingredients: Eggplant, zucchini, red pepper, yellow pepper and mushrooms. 
  • Preparation: wash the vegetables well with the skin and cut them into cubes or brunoise . Once they are cut, sprinkle the spices on top and soak them with a little olive oil. 
    After about 15 minutes, place the vegetables on a parchment paper and put it in the oven at 200ºC for 10 minutes. Subsequently, place the sea bass on top and reinsert the tray for another 10-12 minutes.
    On the other hand, boil the same amount of water as couscous and when it starts to boil, remove from heat and add the couscous until it is well hydrated.
    Finally, if you want to give it a crunchy touch, you can skillet the couscous with the vegetables.


Breakfast: oatmeal porridge with vegetable yogurt 

  • Ingredients: oat flakes, vegetable yogurt (soy, oatmeal …), chia seeds and red fruits (strawberries, raspberries, blueberries …).
  • Preparation: generally the porridge or oatmeal porridge is prepared with milk or vegetable drink, but in this recipe we are going to replace it with vegetable yogurt (oatmeal, soybean …). To prepare the porridge you can do it in several ways:
    1- “Porridge version”: boil the oat flakes in water in a non-stick saucepan (about 4 tablespoons of flaked oats per 200 ml of water) and stir. When it boils, turn to low heat and keep stirring until you find the desired consistency. The longer you leave it, the thicker it will be.
    2- “Overnight version”: soak the oat flakes the night before in a cup of water or in the vegetable yogurt. The oatmeal will absorb the liquid from the water or yogurt and become soft.
    Once we have the porridge prepared, we add the vegetable yogurt, except in the case of having left it to soak the night before (since we will already have it prepared). We add the chia seeds (better crushed or also soaked the night before) and the red fruits to add color and vitamins to your breakfast, apart from the fiber and calcium that this wonderful porridge will provide us.

Food: zucchini spaghetti sauteed with quinoa and prawns

  • Ingredients: zucchini, quinoa, frozen prawns, squid, garlic, virgin olive oil and salt to taste.
  • Preparation: to sauté the zucchini spaghetti (prepared with the appropriate utensil), previously sauté a clove of minced garlic over medium-high heat, with 1 tablespoon of oil and the prawns and / or squid. When the garlic begins to brown and the shrimp / squid change color, add the zucchini in strips and stir over low heat. After a few minutes you can add the quinoa (previously cooked) to the preparation. Stir occasionally for 2-3 more minutes. And plate to consume. This dish gives us energy, infinity of vitamins and minerals, fiber and proteins.

Snack: chia pudding with fruit

  • Ingredients: 1 glass of milk or vegetable drink, 3 tablespoons of chia seeds, banana, strawberry and cinnamon.
  • Preparation: mix the chia seeds with the milk or vegetable drink and let them hydrate for 8-12 hours in the fridge. To give it more flavor, you can add cinnamon or vanilla. Before serving, add the chopped fruit (banana, strawberry). This snack provides you with fiber (from fruit and chia seeds) and healthy Omega-3 fats from chia.

Dinner: salad and toast with cream of peas and egg

  • Ingredients: aubergine, arugula, tomato, cheese, whole wheat bread, peas, egg and basil.
  • Preparation: first cut the eggplant into slices and cook it on the grill. While it is cooking, wash and cut the tomatoes and add them to a bowl next to the arugula. You can add a bit of cheese that you like. In my case I have opted for feta cheese. Mix all the ingredients and season with olive oil and spices (black pepper and oregano).
    For the toast: put water in a pot and when it boils, add the peas. Let cook for 5 minutes, remove and drain. Blend together with some basil leaves. To make the poached egg, put water in a pot with a splash of vinegar. When it boils, add the shelled egg and shape it with the help of a spoon or slotted spoon, so that the white covers the yolk. Finally, spread a toast of bread (preferably wholemeal) with the pea pate and put the poached egg on top.


Breakfast: toast with banana and peanut butter

  • Ingredients: whole wheat bread, a medium banana, peanut butter or other dried fruit (no added sugar)
  • Preparation: cut slices of bread and toast it. Cut the banana into slices and heat it for a minute in the microwave on medium power or if you want you can heat it in a pan. When it is soft, you mash it with a fork and spread the toast. On top, add a little peanut butter or other dried fruit and you will have your breakfast ready.

Lunch: baked anchovies and spaghetti sauteed with cherrys

  • Ingredients: anchovies, vinegar, 2-3 cloves of garlic, half a lemon, olive oil and white wine, whole wheat spaghetti and cherry tomatoes.
  • Preparation: prepare the anchovies (without heads or bones) and soak them in vinegar for an hour.
    Crush 2-3 cloves of garlic with a drizzle of lemon, a tablespoon of olive oil and about 2 fingers of white wine.
    When the hour has passed, you dry the anchovies a little on kitchen paper and place them on a baking tray (on top of parchment paper) and with a brush, paint the anchovies with the mixture you have prepared, then introduce the tray to the oven and bake at 150ºC for 8-10 minutes. Make sure they don’t get too much done.
    For the spaghetti it will be easier: first boil the spaghetti, better whole and reserve. Cut cherry tomatoes, a good quantity, think that they will be the portion of vegetables. In a frying pan add a little oil and sauté the cherrys with a little salt. When they start to wrinkle and are soft, add the spaghetti and sauté over high heat for a few minutes, mix well and you can serve them.

Snack: oatmeal, banana and chocolate chip cookies

  • Ingredients: 1 ripe banana, 40g of rolled oats and 1 tablespoon of chocolate chips.
  • Preparation: crush a ripe banana, add 4 Cd of oat flakes and a tablespoon of dark chocolate chips. Mix it evenly and with the help of 2 spoons or your hands make balls. Place the portions on a baking sheet and shape them into a cookie. Then bake them at 180º for about 20 minutes.

Dinner: artichokes with chicken drumsticks, sautéed mushrooms and whole wheat toast

  • Ingredients: artichokes, thighs, mushrooms, salt, pepper, garlic, parsley and olive oil.
  • Preparation: cut the stem of the artichoke, place them in a microwave container. Add a little oil, salt and pepper. Cover the container and put it in the microwave for 5 minutes on maximum power.
    Meanwhile, prepare some grilled drumsticks and sauté the mushrooms in a pan with a little garlic and parsley. If you want, accompany this recipe with whole wheat toast.


Breakfast: crepes filled with fruits and cinnamon

  • Ingredients:
    For the crepe dough: 1 egg, 80ml of milk or vegetable drink (soy, oatmeal), 3 level tablespoons of flour, salt.
    For the filling: seasonal fruit (peach, strawberries, melon …)
  • Preparation: beat the milk or vegetable drink and the egg in a bowl. Add the flour and salt and mix until smooth. Brush a pan with a little oil and heat over medium heat. Pour the measure of a saucepan of the dough and spread it over the entire surface so that it is finite. When it starts to set, flip it over.
    Fill the crepe with the chopped fruit and sprinkle cinnamon on top.

Food: prawns sauteed with vegetables and rice noodles

  • Ingredients: prawns, rice noodles, carrots, onion, zucchini, broccoli, olive oil, salt and soy sauce.
  • Preparation: peel the prawns and cut them in half. On the other hand, wash the vegetables. Cut the carrot, onion and zucchini into strips and separate the seedlings from the broccoli. Cook the vegetables in a pan with a little olive oil. When they are tender, add the prawns and wait for them to cook.
    On the other hand, boil the rice noodles. To do this, put a saucepan with water and salt, when it boils turn off the heat, add the noodles and after 5 minutes remove them from the water and let them drain in a colander. Add them to the pan along with the vegetables and prawns, season with soy sauce and mix all the ingredients.

Snack: fruit salad

  • Ingredients: kiwi, banana, apple, strawberries, orange, black grapes.
  • Preparation: Wash, chop the fruits and place them in a bowl. This fruit salad is rich in vitamin C, mainly soluble fiber, healthy energy in the form of CHO, and antioxidants such as resveratrol from grapes.
Lentil Salad
Juana María González Salad

Dinner: lentil salad

  • Ingredients: lentils, red pepper, onion, avocado, tomato, pickles, olives, mussels, black pepper, vinegar and olive oil.
  • Preparation: While the lentils are cooking, wash and chop the vegetables. Cook the mussels. In a bowl, mix all the ingredients and dress the salad to your liking.

And what if …?
If you live in a country where you cannot find the same ingredients or in your area they are very expensive, or maybe some of the ingredients on this menu make you feel bad, or it turns out that you are vegan and adding “prawns” does not suit you … nothing happens, we encourage you to customize this menu, you are sure to do it great! Change the ingredients, substitute them for similar foods, or dare to introduce other foods. We are only going to suggest one thing: that the foods you introduce, in addition to liking you, are healthy. 

Download the healthy weekly menu in pdf

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