How to make up green eyes: get a perfect look

How to make up green eyes: get a perfect look

How to make up green eyes: get a perfect look

Green eyes are mesmerizing and fascinating. Combined with a makeup that favors them, we can get a great use out of them, making our look much deeper and captivating. Keep in mind that tonality matters and, therefore, depending on green eyes with blue undertones or green eyes with brown undertones, there will be some looks that favor you more than others.

If what you are looking for are new makeup styles for your eyes, you are in the right place, today we bring you a guide with examples and tips that will help you make the most of your look.

Your ideal makeup

If you are one of the lucky people who were born with this eye color, do not miss your perfect makeup to highlight your green eyes.

Green is the rarest eye color in humans and, at the same time, one of the most desired. Barely 2% of the world population has this coloration in the iris, that is, only 2 out of every 100 people have this tonality in their eyes.

Green eyes are a quality that make the people who have them unique, but some things must be taken into account when considering makeup. Do you want to get the most out of your green eyes? Follow these tricks.

Day-to-day makeup for green eyes

Natural and luminous, those are two of the basic rules that all day makeup must comply with to highlight beauty in general and, in this case, green eyes in particular. Unlike other tones, green tends to tend to secondary tones, such as brown or blue and, therefore, based on this, we must choose colors that are consistent.

Keep in mind that green eyes with brown highlights look much better with purple or eggplant tones, while blue-green eyes stand out much more with peach colors or reddish and orange tones.

As always, we recommend you avoid shades similar to those of your eyes, because they would not highlight their beauty and particularity.

Start by preparing your skin for daily makeup. Exfoliate, moisturize and apply the products you use as usual in your makeup routine. Try using a medium coverage foundation, simply to neutralize redness and even out the tone of your face and neck. This natural look is ideal for any occasion, from going to work to going out for a walk.

When we have our face ready, it is time to start with green eyes. As we have mentioned before, the ideal is to use tones according to your undertone, varying between red, orange and purple. You can use colors and shadows with a bit of shimme r to give it a touch of shine in the case of having darker skin.

Although not all these colors are in the basic palettes, which tend to be more brown or beige, there are many options that include shades related to green eyes.

When you have applied the shadow, use an eyeliner to highlight your look. The best thing, to continue with this natural style, is that the delineation is very fine and, preferably, with the same color that you have used as a shadow in a darker tone to highlight the brightness of your iris.

To finish, apply mascara mascara, preferably black, to emphasize green eyes.  

Evening makeup for green eyes

Highlighting green eyes in an evening or party look is very simple, especially since this color draws attention by itself. If we use dark purple, intense red, purple and even gold shadows, we will be able to intensify the natural color of the iris, making all the attention and prominence focus on those green eyes.

Of course, don’t forget the final touches, the eyeliner and mascara will give that extra that your look and your green eyes need.

As in the case of day makeup, prepare your skin before applying makeup to your eyes. Once it’s ready, to give the shadows the highest possible intensity and make them adhere properly, use an eyeshadow primer.

Now, you just need to choose one of these options and you will be ready for any party.

– Bronze and brown tones. Bronze or brown tones are the perfect option if you want your eyes to shine on their own. Being more natural colors, they soften the look and soften the features. If you do not want to give up naturalness, but at the same time you want to show that your makeup is an evening look, do not cut yourself, apply metallic or glitter shadows in golden tones that, with a black eyeliner, will make you sweat.

– Burgundy or purple shades. If what you want is to enhance your green eyes to the maximum, burgundy or purple tones are your best ally. Frame your look with the same color on the lower lash line and voila!

– Smokey eye . Smokey eyes never fail. This classic option favors all eye colors, although special care must be taken when selecting shades. Black colors, although they combine with everything, harden the look a lot, so we recommend combining it with other shades, such as gold or beige. 

In short: the eyeshadow for green eyes

–  Select warm tones and orange tones that are complementary to illuminate blue-green eyes, such as peach, coral or bronze.

– If what you want is to intensify the color of the green eyes are brown tones, choose matching cold tones, such as burgundy, aubergine or purple.

– If, on the contrary, what you want is a more natural look, select a soft matte brown.

– If you want to opt for smokey eyes but it doesn’t suit you, bet on the brown smoky eye, which favors green eyes much more.

– Try to keep your eye makeup light and bright to suit your eyes.

Now that you know everything about the makeup that best suits green eyes, let’s get to work!

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