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How to prepare healthy lunches for your children

With the work involved in organizing all the weekly lunches and dinners, many times we neglect the lunch that our children will eat at school. There are five weekly preparations that we frequently solve with industrial pastries and a fruit juice. In order not to resort to these unhealthy lunches, it is advisable to plan the foods with which we will prepare the lunches and include them in the weekly purchase.

This week, the dietitian-nutritionist in Sabadell de Alimmenta Vanesa Rus , has done this work for you through a collaboration with the website More than parents . In her lunches, Vanessa chooses to introduce carbohydrates in a sandwich. Fiber, vitamins and minerals are mainly incorporated with a piece of fruit that is recommended to always eat whole because it is more nutritious and satisfying.
An important aspect when planning the purchase is that the bread that comes into the home is of quality. Sliced ​​bread, for example, usually incorporates sugar, fats and additives among its ingredients and it is better to consume it sporadically. That is why it is good to get used to preparing lunches with a traditional and whole wheat bread, which will always be more nutritious.

Weekly planning of children’s lunches  made in Vanesa Rus

With this lunch planning that Vanesa has prepared for her article in Mas que Padres, the dietitian-nutritionist at Alimmenta proclaims long live the healthy snack:

  1. Monday : fresh cheese sandwich with honey, quince or jam + two tangerines.
  2. Tuesday : canned tuna sandwich with tomato + banana slices.
  3. Wednesday : turkey sandwich + lettuce + cucumber + two kiwis.
  4. Thursday : avocado sandwich + tomato + green leaves (lettuce, endive, spinach, green shoots …), with salt and black pepper to taste + three plums.
  5. Friday : boiled egg sandwich + lettuce + three figs.
  6. Saturday : fresh cheese sandwich with lamb’s lettuce and cherry tomato cut in half + a pear.
  7. Sunday : very finely sliced ​​apple sandwich + lamb’s lettuce + Modena vinegar + a peach.

By preparing healthy lunches and, in general, planning a balanced diet for your children, you can prevent many health problems. Remember that childhood overweight and obesity are much more than aesthetic problems. Numerous studies have shown that childhood obesity can cause health problems throughout life. For tailored nutritional advice, you can find your dietitian-child nutritionist in Alimmenta.

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