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How to use the mask to protect your hair from the dye?

Is the dye one of your essential hair treatments? If you have colored hair, you will know that the products used can often cause dryness and frizz in your hair. How can we protect hair from the aggressions of coloring? Is it a good idea to mix hair color with a mask? We give you several tricks to protect your hair and show off a bright and vivid color.


You cannot live without your dye, it is a reality. Whether you have highlights, or if you need coloring to cover your gray hair or if you have simply decided to change your look, dye is one of the hair products that cannot be missing from your toiletry bag, especially if you prefer to put it on at home instead. going to the hairdresser every few weeks. The problem with these products is that they can be very aggressive on your hair, especially if you have fine hair. How can we protect hair from dye? There are certain tricks that can help you combat dryness and frizz caused by the effects of coloring, and can also make color last longer. We tell you.

Are you going to dye your hair at home? Follow these tips to protect your hair from the action of the dye and achieve a shiny, luminous and frizz-free result.

1. Provide extra hydration to your hair the day before dyeing

Whichever shade you choose, dyes tend to be aggressive with your hair, especially if you want to dye blonde and have to bleach it. Dyes usually contain ammonia, an ingredient that is especially harmful to the hair fiber. For this reason, preparing your hair the day before can slow down the damage caused by bleaching. Apply a hydrating mask to your hair 24 hours before applying the dye. For a more powerful moisturizing effect, leave it on for longer than normal. You can wrap your hair in silver foil for about 20 minutes so that the hair is well impregnated with the product and can hydrate in greater depth. After, rinse with plenty of warm water, you will notice how your hair is shinier and more hydrated, ready to combat the damage caused by the most aggressive ingredients in the dye.

Tip : the LUXEOIL Keratine Restore mask from Wella’s professional range is one of the best valued on Amazon and is capable of brightening your hair and restoring hydration even to the most damaged hair . You can buy it on Amazon .

2. Apply the dye to unwashed hair

Do not wash your hair the same day as the dye. The layer of oil on the scalp will act as a natural protective barrier so that the ingredients of the dye do not damage the roots of your hair. If you wash your hair just before applying the dye, you will remove this layer of oil and leave the scalp more exposed to the aggressions of bleaching.

3. Mix hair color with mask? Yes or no?

Mixing the dye with a little hydrating conditioner is a popular option to prevent the dye from damaging your hair. The reality is that this trick is not effective, not only will it not protect your hair anymore, but it will prevent the color of the dye from sticking to your hair . The dyes contain ingredients such as ammonia and peroxide, capable of modifying the structure of the hair so that the pigments of the dye are capable of modifying your usual tone. Adding conditioner to the dye will prevent these ingredients from working and the dye will not have the effect you are looking for. It is preferable to use moisturizing products such as conditioner, mask or hair oil before or after applying the color, but it does not make sense to use them during.

Mixing the tint with a moisturizing mask or conditioner is useful only when you want to soften the color tone . In that case, it may be a good idea to add a little of these products to the hair color to reduce the intensity of the color tone.

4. Hair oils, the hydration that your hair needs

If you have colored hair, you are at risk of further dehydration, fiber breakage, or split ends. Hair oils are an excellent product for this type of hair, as they are capable of providing hydration and protection to counteract the effects of discoloration.

You can choose natural products, such as coconut oil , which are very effective in preventing the hair from losing proteins such as keratin and which, in addition, due to its molecular weight, is capable of acting in depth and with good results. You can use it in various ways, for example, apply it before washing your hair , leaving it to act for several minutes or spread it on the ends after washing. If you want to enhance its effects even more, you can wrap the hair in silver foil and apply a little heat with the dryer. You can buy organic extra virgin coconut oil on Amazon here .

The a capillary CEITE Bonding of Olaplex Oil is also very effective. Strengthens hair, protects it from heat and provides extra hydration. It is available from Sephora .

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