Philippe Starck perfumes: an olfactory story in three skins

Luxury perfumes: dress in an exclusive second skin

The fragrance category is as saturated as it is diverse. You have your celebrity perfumes and your fragrances created by fashion designers, clothing brands, and beauty moguls. There are the pick-up-at-the-mall body sprays and the mix-it-yourself bespoke scents you can only find at a boutique in Brooklyn. And in this sea of infinite scent choices, the prices can vary from as low as forty bucks to as costly as a month’s rent in New York City — and no, we’re not exaggerating.

It’s these latter options — these high-end, luxury eaus — that we find most fascinating (and unattainable). Rare ingredients, unparalleled craftsmanship, and dazzling details (like a Swavorski crystal-studded flacon) are just a few reasons fragrances in this category are worthy of such opulence. With that said, to celebrate National Fragrance Day, we figured it’d be fun to break down a few of the aforementioned Rich Bitch™️ scents and what sets them apart.

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