Makeover: how do you know if short hair will look good on you?

Makeover: how do you know if short hair will look good on you?

Making the decision to have a radical look change is sometimes complicated by the fear that the final result will not favor us. But what if you are missing the opportunity to sport an even more flattering haircut than the one you have now? We know the rule that can help you decide if short hair will look good on you.


Midi , bob , long bob , pixie and garçon . All these haircuts have been in fashion for years and, luckily, it seems they still have a long way to go before being ousted from the favorites’ podium. They triumph for their comfort, the volume they provide, the simplicity and naturalness they give off and the elegance they bring to our look . They are also some of the hairstyles that we see more often on the catwalks and they make a tough competition to the extra long hair but, unlike this, these short hairstyles are also some of the favorites on the streets.

The short hair is once again in the trends of the season, this time stronger than ever. Spring and summer are the times when these cuts are most successful, since in addition to fitting perfectly with tanned skin, the bells that announce a new look change are beginning to ring . So if you want to add a dose of personality and style to your hairstyle , we encourage you to give short hair a try.

More and more women are opting for short hair because, especially in summer, the same question begins to resonate in the heads of many and many: what if I change my look ? That this doubt assails us is a sign that, indeed, we need a change in our life and a new haircut is a good way to start. Perhaps because it symbolizes the beginning or end of a stage, because we have met someone special, because we want to start a project or because we simply want to get out of our comfort zone . Of course, we suggest that, if you are not sure, try to find out if the haircut you have in mind is going to favor your features and your face. You know how to do it?

What haircut to choose?

The pixie cut , that so, so, so short haircut. We are not exaggerating. It is true that you decide the length but, in any case, we are sure that the final result will surprise you, especially if you are used to long hair. Many celebrities such as Emma Watson, Úrsula Corberó or Cara Delevingne have joined this pixie cut , so sexy, daring and flattering, both in blonde and brown hair, redheads and brunettes. But even so, we cannot deny that the shape of the face and the features play a decisive role in the final result.

We are sure that if you have discussed with your closest friends the idea of ​​making a change of lookAnd go to short hair, you have heard phrases like “nothing happens, the hair grows” or “if you don’t do it now, you will never do it.” And yes, it is very good that your loved ones support you in this decision, but it is most advisable that you let yourself be advised by professionals , who will know how to advise you on the cut and hairstyles that can most favor you.

Before this, we have something to suggest to you. And it is that you follow the advice that we leave you below so that you can check yourself if the short hair will fit you as well as you expect or, on the contrary, it is preferable that you opt for the long or medium hair. Take note, this interests you.

How do you know if short hair will look good on you?

As we say, the color of your skin, the color and especially your features play an important role when deciding where to guide your change of look . Thus, these details are useful to decide in which areas to look for volume, to add or not fringe and to know whether or not it is necessary to layer. You want to know more?

Let’s talk about the pixie cut first . 
An infallible trick to know if this haircut will really look good on you is to use the 2.25-inch rule. This formula consists of measuring the horizontal distance between the jaw and the ear on your face This rule was discovered by hairdresser and stylist John Frieda, which was inspired by the golden ratio and gave us the key to know which features and which ones cannot be favored with this hairstyle.

To check it, you will need a ruler or a pencil that you must place under your chin and, from there, measure the distance to the lobe of one of your ears. If this distance is less than 2.25 inches (5.71 cm) , we can interpret that the pixie cut is a success. However, if the distance exceeds 2.25 inches, it is advisable that we go for a long cut.

How to style a pixie cut?

Believe it or not, short hair gives a lot of play and with it we can make quite a few hairstyles. We give you some ideas:

  • Waves to the water. They are very easy to do. You just have to pull all the hair to one side, and continue modeling these shapes.
  • Garçon style This hairstyle gives your look an extra dose of personality that, in addition, will further mark your features. It is applicable to all lengths and an excellent option to wear on special occasions.
  • With hairpins and ornaments. Yes, the trend that swept last season is still an interesting option for this spring. We refuse to give up these accessories on short manes , so feel free to use them.
  • With toupee. If you like taking risks, this hairstyle is for you. It will add a very flattering volume to your hairstyle and, in addition to this, a lot of personality.

Midi and bob , how do you know if they are for me?

The bob cut is still one of the favorites and we are of those who think that, among all the bob models , we can all find the perfect one for us. This hair style is sophisticated, fresh, natural, flattering and versatile, and without being as short as the pixie cut or the garçon , it is still a hairstyle full of style and personality . Do you want to know which style is the most suitable for you? We will tell you.h

  • Asymmetrical bob. This style is a very flattering option for square faces. With it, you will be able to break the symmetry of your face. The most recommended, on the other hand, is that the length exceeds the height of the chin by at least 2 cm, so that it is not at the level of the jaw. If you dare, you can add layers that give volume and movement to your hair.
  • Long bob. It is the best option if your face is round since, with this cut, visually lengthen it. Do you want to know how to narrow your jaw? Give the ends some texture by parading them. In this way, more volume will be appreciated in the upper part of the hairstyle and you will be able to balance the shape of your face.
  • Bob with waves. Without a doubt, a very flattering hairstyle for elongated faces, as it will add a lot of volume to your look and balance the proportions. Actress Inma Cuesta is a very good example of this. Do you dare to give it a try?
  • Bob with bangs. Not because you have your hair short you have to give up wearing bangs. This hairstyle is a good example of this. It is an excellent option for long faces, especially for sharp chins.

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