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May 2018

We share in this post the collaborations that the dietitians-nutritionists of Alimmenta make periodically in different media:

  • Not all fats are bad. Alimmenta nutritionist Marisa Burgos tells us what fats should be introduced into our diet in this article published in  New Code  .
  • Is all vegan food healthy? The Technical Director of Alimmenta, Juana María González Prada, explains in  La Vanguardia  why a vegan also has to read the labels
  • Dietitians-nutritionists Adriana Oroz and Cristina Lafuente explain the nutritional properties of oats in this video .
  • Is it healthy to drink cow’s milk? Is this harmful or is it essential? Alimmenta nutritionist Marisa Burgos participates in this eternal debate in an article published in  New Code .
  • Nutritionists Sara Martínez and Marisa Burgos tell in this video the reasons that can make you feel anxious about eating and give you resources to avoid snacking between meals .
  • This year we have dedicated National Nutrition Day to legumes. The dietitians-nutritionists of Alimmenta have collaborated in the writing of this article that highlights the nutritional properties of nine legumes that we can regularly incorporate into our diet to make it healthier and more varied.
  • What do we buy when we opt for a whole food? Most of the bread, cereals or pasta that they sell us as whole wheat, is made with refined flour with some whole wheat flour. The key is always the same: READ THE LABELING. The dietitian-nutritionist  Sara Martínez explains it to us in this article published in  New Code.
  • Juice or smoothie? Adriana Oroz Dietitian-Nutritionist from Alimmenta, helps you choose well and gives you ideas to prepare the sports smoothie that best suits you at Target Wellness
juice or smoothie 1
juice or smoothie 2
  • Chewy bread, eggs that explode and mess it up, murderous splashes … If that “put something in the microwave and regret it” sounds familiar to you , read what Sara Martínez advises against introducing in this appliance. He has explained it in Objective Wellbeing.
Article Sara Martínez

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