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Medium length haircuts: trends for 2020

Did you know that medium length haircuts are one of the styles that has swept the most in 2019? If you have tired of long hair and are looking to be up-to-date, here are some of the trends that are coming this winter to stay for all of 2020. Images, tips, tips, ready to know everything about this fashion?


Medium length hair is one of the easiest haircuts to maintain and can be worn with all kinds of styles , from straight hair to curly hair to , of course, wavy hair. The different layers and lengths make this type of cut very versatile, adapting to all types of face. Medium length

haircuts have become the request that most women have made in hairdressers this 2019. During recent seasons it has been making room and, without any doubt, now it is still a trend. It does not matter your age, the shape of your face or the texture of your hair,This length can be adapted to suit any circumstance and, precisely for this reason, it is not surprising that many celebrities are obsessed with midi hair. 0%00:0200:46 Video by Patricia Álvarez

The classics

We are not going to fool ourselves. The medium hair cuts are not a fashion of this time, far from it. This type of style has been around as long as humans have had hair, or do we not remember the cut of women in Egyptian hieroglyphs?

Starting with the traditional one that you can see in the first images of the gallery, we see that the tips reach just at the height of the clavicles . Almost all face shapes are favored by this length, even if it is a few inches a little further below the collarbone. Layers are not normally added to this style, although if you have fine, straight hair, you can choose to wave it to give it more volume.

TheThe next classic is the parade: long layers with texture at the ends . One of the great examples of this haircut is Jennifer Aniston, with shorter hair at the back, playing with different textures that flow between straight and wavy. This is, without a doubt, an ideal cut for women with a shorter neck.

For a face-framing effect, you can add soft layers around the face, just above the chin, or even a little higher for a square face shape.

As in the previous case, don’t forget to add volume if you have fine hair with some waves.

The length

Lengths can vary greatly, from the jaw line to the collarbone. Medium length haircuts are modern, practical and, above all, comfortable . You can style them with waves, smooth or creating great outfits.

We start with a length that, if you come from long hair, can help you not get a shock: the cut below the shoulders. You can cut a finger or two below the shoulders, parading the locks close to the face and adding shorter layers to give movement to the cut.

The next step is the cut just at the height of the shoulders, the midi.The most usual thing is that people with straight hair resort to this style, since they help to refine the round face and define the cheekbones. For a more casual look, you can add some waves.

Finally, if you go for everything, how about we go for a mane above the shoulders?

That’s right, it may sound like a sudden change, but this is the style that everyone is looking for in recent seasons. This type of cut stylizes and visually lengthens the neck. To do this, ask your stylist to lower your hair about four fingers below the chin, with the ends slightly frayed to provide movement. It is not long, nor is it excessively short, it is the perfect measure.

As you can see in the photos in the gallery, this cut, along with voluminous hairstyles, are a trend that is already emerging for the next season. A few waves, a side parting and you’re done!

The bangs

Bangs are always a great option if what we want is to give a new perception of the volumes of our face. They help us to make the face appear smaller and, of course, add a special touch to any hair length including, of course, the medium haircut.
If you are going to opt for long bangs , our advice is to go for side bangs. This stunning classic hairstyle can be styled quickly and easily with a flat iron, straightening the hair from the roots and working down to the ends.

You can also play with another traditional one: the straight bangs.You can opt for a blocky, thick and well-defined bangs; or for a slightly more casual one, with hair that falls slightly down to the eyebrows. Our advice is that, if you do not want to have to be aware of how you have your bangs every two seconds, apply a little spray or hairspray.

The layers

As we have already mentioned before – and as you can see in the photos – the layers are an essential element for this trend. Likewise, their length, short, medium or long, is also important.

Short layers are a perfect option for shoulder-length hair, especially if you are looking for a casual look or if, naturally, you already have wavy hair and want to enhance it.

Medium to medium length layers are ideal for women with fine hair who do not want to wear their hair too short and thereby risk their volume.

Long layersThey also work very well if you have fine hair, especially if you are looking for a more chic look that is much easier to maintain. If what you are looking for is diversity, but without having to invest a lot of time, this style is perfect, since it allows you to curl, wave or iron.

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