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Perfume use manual: learn to leave your mark

When you spend a small fortune on a perfume you always want to get the most out of it, but making mistakes when applying a scent on our body is very common and you may not even realize that you are wasting thousands of drops of this coveted accessory.


If it is already difficult to choose a perfume that gives us everything we ask for: that evokes feelings, that makes us feel more beautiful and whose smell does not end up tiring us , imagine that after the long process of choosing just one aroma, you start to waste it left and right losing all its essence. In addition to personality, a person’s smell also stands out . Surely you remember perfectly the perfume that your grandmother sprayed or what your first love smelled. Learn to leave your mark! and get the most out of your perfume …

Calvin Klein Deep Euphoria

When to perfume

The best thing you can do to make your fragrance last longer on your skin is to apply it after showering , since the skin is not only clean, but having been exposed to heat, it has more open pores so the perfume penetrates better. Yes … wait! so that the skin is completely dry . If you want your perfume to smell more intensely, try to shower with gels that do not have a lot of odor, since the mixture of aromas will blur your fragrance. Of course, the notes that make up your fragrance also have a lot to say about the intensity of its scent.

The white pepper and the mandarin orange give it an electric touch that makes the perfume that carries them very personal and unforgettable. In addition to these ingredients, perfumes such as Deep Euphoria , the new Calvin Klein creation , incorporate feminine and irresistible scents such as jasmine or peony, in addition to the unforgettable sweet notes of musk. A combination that manages to create a true addiction to those who perceive the trail of its aroma.

If you apply cream (again without perfume) on areas such as the neck, where you will later apply your perfume, you will make it last longer.

Another of the most common mistakes is to apply it with clothes on. Although we believe that the fact that our garments smell like our perfume is synonymous with that we smell more and better, the reality is that the aroma lasts longer on the skin. This is because when it mixes with our skin, our heat and even our sweat, the perfume reaches its maximum aromatic state. Surely you know that a cologne smells different on each skin . Perfume yourself before dressing and you will release many more nuances.


Where to apply it

Everyone knows some of the typical areas on which to emphasize through perfume: Neck and inside of the wrists are the most popular places, but within those areas you can choose the part that you like the most, such as behind the ears, on the forearm or on the inside of the elbows, where you can also apply the perfume. Specifically, all the “pulse zones” serve you. This means in the areas where the pulse is normally taken, since more heat and movement are generated there, which makes the aroma more intense . You can also apply it on the back of the knees and on the back, since being areas that do not suffer much friction, the perfume lasts longer.

If it is a spray perfume,apply it about 15 centimeters from your skin and forget about that gesture of rubbing your wrists. Although you have been told that the friction of the skin makes the product penetrate more into your skin, it is totally false! If you apply it with your fingers, a light touch will suffice. If you spray your perfume at the indicated distance, you will achieve that the aroma is impregnated in a wider surface of your skin, in addition to that you will use much less perfume .

Wanting to leave a trail of fragrance on our way through any place does not mean having to pour liters and liters of perfume. Remember that quality perfume is sold in small bottles precisely because its smell is much more intense and more concentrated.

What should your perfume say about you?

Different emotions come into play when choosing a perfume. We are looking for a perfume to represent us, to say who we are, where we are going, to demonstrate our security and to make us feel more sensual, therefore to find the perfect fragrance, the one that fits with the vital moment in which we find ourselves and that we help shape our personality more, it depends on ingredients, memories and intentions.

Natalia Vodianova, Scarlett Johansson, Kate Moss, Diane Kruger, Doutzen Kroes, or Rooney Mara, what do all these women have in common? Talent, determination, femininity, character, beauty … All of them were ambassadors for Calvin Klein, and now with Deep Euphoria they have wanted to address a woman more sensual, direct, current and sure of what they want to beAnd who better to represent that fragrance than Margot Robbie? The Australian actress becomes the standard of this perfume, a mixture of intense, evocative and very personal aromas, which make up the perfect perfume to leave a mark wherever whoever wears it passes … Do you dare to know your most euphoric side?

Where to keep it

A perfume is practically an alchemist’s own cocktail , so like a good potion, any type of external factor can modify its composition and smell, as well as make it evaporate. Remember this every time you buy a fragrance and go to place it on a shelf in direct sunlight. The sun’s rays filter through the glass, heating the contents, altering the composition of the perfume and causing the liquid to evaporate.

If you have thought that in the bathroom it will be safer, that is another of the most common mistakes, since the vapors that come off the shower, as well as the high temperatures to which a bathroom is usually exposedthey also spoil a good perfume.

The best place to store this special accessory is a drawer that is not exposed to direct sunlight or artificial light. The myth circulates around the web that keeping perfume in the refrigerator makes it last longer, which of course is a lie . As we have said, changes in temperature do not benefit the perfume at all.


Other information that you should not forget

  • The perfume is never shaken! . It is not a type of solution or makeup whose components separate each time you pose them. By shaking a perfume and creating a lather, the only thing you do is spoil it.
  • Touch up your perfume every 4 hours . Although it is of very good quality, the aroma loses its strength over time. Try to carry some perfume in your bag and add a few drops every 4 hours.
  • Have more than one perfume . Just as you don’t wear the same shoes every day, you should also vary the perfume. There are perfumes with a floral or fruity base that are more typical for spring or summer, while the woody ones, for example, stick more with autumn or winter. If you use a makeup base for the summer and another with a different shade for the winter, do the same with the perfumes.

Now that you know everything, let yourself be seduced! for the world of perfume and don’t waste a drop .

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