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Perfumes to give (and to be given) at Christmas

Perfumes to give (and to be given) at Christmas

Finally, that  wonderful time of year like Christmas  has arrived , and that also requires taking care of some other gifts for our relatives, and why not for us.  Each store shows its best gift options and many times we do not even know what to choose.

Well, although it may seem like a very classic gift, giving a perfume can be one of the best options. We use perfumes daily so it is easy for us to run out of bottles easily. If you are already thinking of giving gifts, we assure you that it is an option with which you will be sure.

However,  it is not worth giving away the first aroma that falls into our hands . In addition, if you want to give a perfume you must know the person to whom you are going to give it very well and especially in its usual fragrance.

How to choose the best perfume?

When you go to give a gift such as a perfume, remember that these in the end become our hallmark , and we even feel strange if we forget to put it on when leaving the house. Therefore, it is important to choose well the one that best represents us and with which we feel comfortable.  

All fragrances are the same but when mixed with our body odor they become a unique scent . In addition, many people already recognize us for our fragrance depending on whether it is more floral, sweet with hints of vanilla, or more sensual. 

When you go to the perfumery to choose the perfume to give it as a gift, it should be first thing in the morning. During the morning our olfactory sense is more alert so it is better to take advantage of it so that we differentiate all the aromas well.   

Another issue that we do not take into account is that we must differentiate well between the intensity of the perfumes. For this, it is important to read the bottle well and see if it indicates eau de toilette , which are during the day or warmer seasons, or eau de parfum that are more concentrated for the night.   

Take advantage if in the perfumery you can find a promotion that includes a case with other products of the same fragrance. It is one of the options that you can find in stores and they are perfect for the Christmas occasion .    

Also take into account the personality when choosing aromas, and we show you how to get it right depending on how you are: 

Spontaneous:  you are a free and confident person so you feel more comfortable with fruit aromas. Avoid heavy scents as sweet as vanilla. If you have to give to a friend, citrus fruits can be one of the best gift options, as well as other fruits such as apple, cherry or grapes. This is Her by Zadig & Voltaire perfectly represents these scents with its vanilla, whipped cream and chestnut. They leave a sweet and carefree trail, capable of accompanying you throughout the day. Its bottle is another of its charms as it perfectly represents the brand. Cheerful, carefree and always up to date.       

Energetic:  if sports and continuous activity are your thing, look for aromas with a fresh touch but full of vitality. Look for scents that have a little marine and citrus notes. It’s a perfect scent that you will feel a weakness for every time you use it. One of our favorites is Calvin Klein One for its notes of pineapple, papaya, bergamot and cardamom. A perfect scent that you can combine throughout the day. 

Outgoing:  if you are a very sociable person, and you love meeting your friends, the aromas that best represent you are those that are similar to spices. Those fragrances that hook and connect with people like you but through smell. 

Romantic:  you are a dreamy, happy and very romantic spirit so your ideal aroma is more floral like peonies and white jasmine. Miss Dior is one of the perfumes that best represents this aroma, due to its soft smell and with small sweet touches. In addition, it is an elegant fragrance that you can wear day and night. Another very similar fragrance that you can find here in our selection is J’adore. It is a classic of the brand that seems perfect and elegant too. There is nothing to say about the beauty of both jars, perfect to also decorate your dressing table.  

Daring:  if you are looking for an aroma that is strong, you cannot miss it in your Good Girl dresser by Carolina Herrera . It is a perfume that represents the woman of the 21st century, sensual, independent, and self-confident. Its case is spectacular, and it has even been awarded, and who can resist a vertigo heel? As for its aroma, it has a very characteristic olfactory presence based on tonka, cocoa and almond. Its combination of design and fragrance make Good Girl a perfect gift for women who walk hard, and who will leave their mouths open. to your partner.    

 Of course, as hundreds of perfumes come onto the market every year, we wanted to leave you the best ones, the ones that are succeeding this season, with some brands like  Dior ,  Carolina Herrera ,  Yves Saint Laurent. .. and of course the great classics that are infallible like some from  Chanel ,  Calvin Klein  or  Dolce & Gabanna . In addition, we have also included some cases with different products of the same fragrances, ideal for gifts. 

Of course, Christmas is not just a time of gifts and more gifts for others,  you also have to think about yourself . So you don’t miss the opportunity either, and treat yourself because, you deserve it! 

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