Permanent hair removal: what are the most effective methods?
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Permanent hair removal: what are the most effective methods?

Pulsed light, laser, IPL hair removal: what is the best treatment to remove hair? Discover the characteristics of the best permanent hair removal methods and which ones work the longest.

For many women, hairs are the # 1 cosmetic nightmare: you just shaved your bikini and other hairs appear in your armpits … and once the armpits are shaved, the hairs on the legs start to come out! The situation is even more difficult if you don’t want to (or can’t) use a razor, because waxing is not only painful, it can also be expensive and time-consuming … or we don’t want to spend it that way.

Of course, we know very well that waxing is only a matter of aesthetics, imposed by society and that you are beautiful just as you are, with or without hair. But that doesn’t mean that women who want to be soft shouldn’t have an article dedicated to them! <3
Today, there are several permanent hair removal methods available on the market that are capable of completely removing hairs. Discover below the most common and safest methods to keep your skin smooth forever!

It’s over! How to remove hair roots

The simplest and most common method to achieve permanent hair removal is to burn the root of the hair (that is, the hair follicle) through a heat reaction between the melanin in the hair and the lasers that come from the permanent hair removal machines. This is the physical principle of selective photothermolysis, which in practice transforms the light from laser rays into heat once in contact with specific tissues. Currently, there are 100% safe methods to perform this treatment: IPL or pulsed light and traditional laser. Discover the differences between the different methods and … get ready to have Sharon Stone’s legs in Basic Instinct for a lifetime!

1. Permanent laser hair removal

Laser hair removal consists of exposing the hair follicle to small laser rays that hit the hair and travel to the roots. The laser is applied to the desired area centimeter after centimeter with incredible precision, so that most of the follicles are reached.

Once in contact with the melanin in the hair, these rays trigger a heat reaction that can reach up to 60 ° C, burning them and permanently eliminating them. For a total hair removal, it is necessary to perform this procedure more than once and the frequency depends on the strength and color of the hair: generally, about 5 sessions are needed to make the area being treated permanently smooth.

This procedure does not damage the melanin cells of the skin, but it does have some contraindications. For example, it is not recommended to permanently remove facial hair, because they are quite fine and small and are not absorbed by the laser beams of this specific machine. During the treatment, the hair “burns” to the roots, emitting a strong odor and can even be a bit painful. Finally, the treatment requires the intervention of a competent professional who knows how to handle the machine and, therefore, must be carried out in a beauty center.

2. Permanent hair removal with pulsed light

Pulsed light photoepilation is the most modern permanent hair removal method available: it uses the same physical principle of selective photothermolysis, but with IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) technology that is lighter and more precise. In addition, pulsed light can be used at home thanks to its high safety and the tools to carry it out have evolved and have been miniaturized to such an extent that it is now very easy to carry out this treatment even when on vacation!

This is the innovation we like! Because in addition to being easier, safer and also more usable, pulsed light hair removal is getting cheaper and cheaper. On Amazon there are reliable options for all budgets: there are excellent models that cost less than 100 euros, like this model fromDEESS which costs about 99.99 euros, even more advanced instruments that cost a few hundred euros, such as the Philips model that reaches 550 euros (but you can always buy with one or two friends and share the cost).

See all products on sale on Amazon.© Philips

We understand your enthusiasm, but be careful about the frequency of treatment: too much use can cause minor burns. Burns are a risk even if you have tattoos , because pigments can attract light.

We therefore recommend that you do a skin test to understand how it reacts to light exposure and, if the test is successful, limit it to one treatment per week.

The pulsed light epilators available for personal purchase have a much lower power than lasers in beauty salons and therefore a negative skin reaction is very rare, but if you have had problems, stop immediately and seek the help of a dermatologist.

Laser or pulsed light? What is the best permanent treatment for you?

Before choosing the right permanent hair removal treatment for you, we advise you to define your priorities. Both methods are effective in complete hair removal, but they have their pros and cons. Here is a list of all its features:

The pros of laser hair removal :

  • More efficient in permanent hair removal
  • Faster treatment with fewer sessions
  • You will always receive the accompaniment of a professional
  • You pay a little at a time, each session …

The disadvantages of laser hair removal:

  • More expensive because you have to go to a professional …
  • More painful

The advantages of permanent hair removal with pulsed light:

  • Treatment at home. You do it when you want.
  • The equipment becomes your property because you can do all the touch-ups you want.
  • Less invasive, it hurts less

The disadvantages of pulsed light hair removal:

  • Investment before starting treatment
  • Longer treatment due to its limited power

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