Quick and easy breakfasts to lose weight

Quick and easy breakfasts to lose weight

If you follow a weight loss diet and are bored of always having the same breakfast, in this video the dietitians-nutritionists of Alimmenta Yaiza Molina and Carme Ferrer ( nutritionist-dietician in Terrassa ), give you a lot of ideas of quick and easy breakfasts to lose weight. 

Why is it important to eat breakfast? (In most cases)

Breakfast is the first meal of the day after fasting for several hours. When we sleep, blood sugar levels decrease and therefore it is advisable to recover blood glucose levels with the necessary nutrients. This energy will also allow us to start up and get ready to work or study. It is true that there are people who do not get up with an appetite and this leads them to start their day fasting. Our experience in consultation tells us that in most cases this is a mistake and especially when our goal is to lose weight. We give you two main reasons:

  • Eating breakfast reduces hunger: If you do not eat breakfast there will be a moment throughout the morning when you will feel hungry and you may not be in a suitable place or time to prepare a healthy breakfast. This is when the trend is to quickly satisfy hunger with unhealthy foods such as cookies, cold cuts, chips … etc. An alternative ?: Plan a good breakfast before.
  • The food intake itself causes us to burn calories because it boosts the metabolism Skipping breakfast causes the metabolism to become sparing because the body, which is very efficient, prepares itself for a situation of starvation and what it does is store and reserve. This “reserve” does not help the weight loss goal at all and, on the contrary, can promote a tendency to gain weight.

There are many people who don’t feel hungry when they wake up. Perhaps in these cases, they can delay their breakfast a little and instead of having breakfast at 8 o’clock they can do it at 9. The important thing is to prepare and anticipate a morning meal that provides energy, satiates you and does not make you feel voraciously hungry. mid-morning.

Examples of breakfasts to prepare in 5 minutes

What ingredients and combinations are used for a breakfast that helps you lose weight ?

1. Bowl of skimmed milk with rolled oats, strawberries and chia seeds. Changing skim milk for whole milk, this breakfast can also be a very good option for the little ones in the house. Oatmeal will be more digestive for you if you cook it in the same milk. You can vary this proposal by adding cinnamon, banana and varying the fruit with the seasonal varieties. Another option is to change the milk for a skimmed yogurt.

2. Whole corn pancake accompanied by tomato slices, arugula and 2 slices of turkey. A lot of attention when choosing the sausage turkey. It is important that at least 80-90% of the sausage is really turkey. This breakfast can be completed with a serving of fruit.

3. 0% liquid yogurt smoothie, 2 wholemeal biscuits, ½ banana and 5 strawberries.

4. Whole wheat rye bread with 0% whipped cheese, blueberries and baby spinach, accompanied by a coffee with a vegetable drink. If you opt for vegetable drinks, it is recommended that the one you choose is enriched with enough calcium and does not contain added sugars.

5. Skimmed yogurt with plums, seeds (chia, poppy, sesame) and dried fruits (walnuts, hazelnuts or almonds). You always have to prioritize seasonal fruit, so we avoid always eating typical fruits, such as apple, pear or banana, and at the same time you get the variety of vitamins and minerals present in different fruits.

6. Bowl of soy yogurt enriched in Calcium and vitamin D with pumpkin and sesame seeds. The bowl can be accompanied by a glass of pineapple and watermelon juice.

7. Whole wheat spelled bread with hummus, 1 kiwi and coffee with skim milk. Serve any type of vegetable pate (aubergine, pepper …) In this case, the hummus provides us with the complete protein of the chickpea. On the other hand, kiwi is very rich in vitamin C. This vitamin favors the absorption of the iron present in chickpeas.

8. Bowl of skimmed yogurt with red berries, homemade muesli and cinnamon. To make your own muesli, just buy different types of cereals that you like and that do not contain sugar. You can mix corn flakes, wheat, puffed rice, oats, spelled … etc. 

9. Whole wheat toast with tomato, avocado, arugula and oregano, 1 orange and 1 glass of vegetable drink. Avocado, like nuts, is high in healthy fats and is therefore a very caloric food. If your goal is to lose weight remember to eat it but in moderation.   

If these proposals do not convince you 100%, try to personalize them with the fruits, cereals and flavors that you like. The important thing is to avoid sugar and a diet with excess fat. Also remember to vary the breakfasts so that they do not bore you, and more in a period of weight loss. So vary the fruits, the type of bread you use and the drink or infusion that accompanies your breakfast.

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