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Smell of a freshly showered woman, the new fashionable perfume?

When you think that the Asian market can no longer surprise you in terms of beauty, you discover a new product that manages to leave you stunned. A Japanese company has started to market a perfume that emulates the smell of a woman who has just showered. Will it be the new fashionable scent?https://imasdk.googleapis.com/js/core/bridge3.447.1_es.html#goog_1734182748Volume 0%00:4300:43 Video by Carla Dominguez

If a while ago we threw our hands at the head when we read that there was a company willing to launch a female genital perfume , with the scent of peach, today the perfume industry surprises us again with a new aroma, at least curious. The Japanese website DDM.com, specializing in all kinds of articles for adults, has begun to market a perfume with the scent of a woman just showered . Apparently, the idea is to recreate the scent that gives off the towel of a woman who has just come out of the shower . And, according to its sales criteria, this is one of the fragrances included in its collection of perfumes specially designed to awaken the senses of men.. Hallucinating? Well, read on, there is still more.Discover: Perfumes to give (and to be given) at Christmas

Perfumes to give (and to be given) at Christmas© iStock

If this weren’t weird enough, among the rest of these “perfumes to please men” are other great successes such as freshly cut log , toast that you enjoy in your town cafeteria , coffee that a bearded man has just served in the 1872 Texas … Come on, what your boy asks of you every day. That the man in question is a geek from Japanese anime series? No problem! They also have scents designed exclusively for them, as they have a line of fragrances of anime characters , as if someone knew what a cartoon smells like!

At the moment, we do not know if these novel perfumes will become the new viral phenomenon on the internet, but what is clear is that they will not leave you indifferent.

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