Smiley piercing: does it really hurt as much as they say?

The smiley piercing is the upper lip frenulum piercing, a type of piercing that is known to be highly dangerous and painful while performing.

If you have chosen to get a smiley piercing, you probably know that your lips will be the center of attention, wearing a jewel that crosses the frenulum of the upper lip and becomes visible every time you smile. At this time it is very important to show off white teeth and flawless , soft and flexible lips . And now look at this homemade scrub that you can make in minutes with ingredients that you surely have at home! 0%00:1100:53 Video by Carla Dominguez

Face to face with the smiley piercing

Some call it Piercing Smiley, while others use the name frenulum piercing to define it. We are talking about a very special and sought-after piercing, that of the upper lip frenulum . If you keep reading, you will discover everything you need to know about the smiley piercing and you can decide if you get one with full knowledge of the facts.

The smiley piercing is in fashion, it is undeniable! For several years it has become one of the most loved and extreme piercings. Its name comes from the moment it becomes visible, that is, while smiling. When you don’t smile, the piercing is hidden and not visible. Many people who want to get a smiley piercing do not want to do it because they think it is very painful, also because of the delicacy of the area involved, the upper lip frenulum.

We want to reassure you, the smiley piercing is painful, but not as painful as a genital, navel or nipple piercing. The frenulum of the upper lip is an extremely fine piece of meat. This means that it takes very little time to pierce it and it also feels less pain than in other more elaborate or complex piercings. In the frenulum there are not many capillaries or nerve endings : you will feel a discomfort like the one you feel when you pierce your earlobes! You’re already more comfortable, right? But remember that, unlike an earlobe piercing, a smiley piercing heals in a period of time that goes from 2 to 8 weeks . And you need a lot more care and attention to avoid infection and rejection.© GettyImages

Three things to know before getting a smiley piercing

The first thing you cannot know if you want to use a piercing to do it is the price. Normally the price ranges between 50 and 80 euros and it is better to be wary of prices that are too low, to risk yourself, your health and the hygiene standards of the study. Too low a price means an inexperienced piercer, an unclean or unauthorized studio. Your health and well-being are at stake, is it worth the risk? Also because it is good to remember that the damages and consequences of an infection or rejection can be different and even serious.

During the healing period , waiting for the hole to heal, you should take care of your oral hygiene, always using a mouthwashafter meals. In the first week it is a good habit to avoid very pasty foods that could be difficult to eliminate, causing very painful infections! Finally, something that should not be underestimated is the jewel to be applied: it must be chosen of excellent quality in gold, silver, surgical titanium or, alternatively, in surgical steel. One of the most used jewelry models for smiley piercing is a ring or a cane, or some showy balls, which can’t wait to show themselves as soon as you smile, but stars are also very popular.

The smiley piercingit is, however, a choice from which it is difficult to turn back. Instead of risking regret, try some pieces of fake iron that you can find on amazon, just a quick shipment to understand if it is a passing fad or if it will be love at first sight with your jewel. If the idea of ​​a lip piercing excites you but you think that the smiley piercing is not suitable for you, also discover all the other types of piercings that affect the upper or lower lip and the famous multiple piercings that mimic the bites of an animal dangerous, such as the famous spider bite, snake bite or shark bite and they look great with ball jewelry, balls, barbels, ringssmall, large rings and all the other shapes that your style and your fantasy suggest!

After you have done a smiley piercing, your mouth will be the center of attention: decorate it with makeup for a truly amazing effect!Discover: Garnet lips: welcome to the dark side of makeup

Garnet lips: welcome to the dark side of makeup

Some Important Considerations About Smiley Piercing: Why Isn’t It Right For You?

If you want to get a piercing but are not convinced because you fear it will be too visible, the smiley piercing could be for you. It is much less visible than others, such as the eyebrow, or the lip or nose. Our advice is always to make a simulation by getting a fake jewel in amazon, a fake smiley piercing to see how it would look and do the necessary tests in front of the mirror. You order it, enjoy free shipping and receive it directly at home. Wear it for a few days and get acquainted with your new look. Only after a short period, if you really like it, contact your piercer to get a real one.

When choosing a piercer to make a piercing, always opt for authorized and safe studios that operate safely and cleanly, even if you want to make a hole in your ear. Even paying attention to these aspects, the risk of something unforeseen is always around the corner. The experienced piercer will first assess whether your mouth is suitable for this piercing. In some cases, many men or women have a not very pronounced upper lip frenulum and, therefore, it cannot be pierced or it is even especially narrow, which would make the insertion of the jewel very difficult.

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