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Tell me what plans you have and I will tell you which perfume to choose!

Yes, there is a perfect perfume for every occasion and from here we tell you what you must take into account to get it right.

The perfume is, today, an essential complement to any of our looks, and the aroma we give off is just as important as the outfit . The experts at Perfume’s Club , the No. 1 website in online beauty in Spain, reveal that 40% of people choose to wear one fragrance or another depending on their mood or the plans they have for that day.

How to choose a perfume?

1. The best time to appreciate the scent notes of a new fragrance is in the morning.

2. It is important to know the types of perfume according to intensity; eau de toilettes for the day or for warmer seasons and eau de parfum for the night or for those who want a more concentrated aroma, with greater trail and projection.

3. When choosing the perfume, take into account its personality : if you are an energetic person bet on citrus aromas, for a delicate and feminine person you can choose a floral aroma and if you are looking for sensuality, bet on spicy aromas.

4. Don’t stick with the initial scent. Perfumes have an evolution, the top notes mark the first impression, but it is the heart notes that mark the olfactory family to which it belongs.

A perfume for every occasion

For your day job

Look Office, heels, natural makeup and a sweet fragrance for day to day . We face great challenges every day and we need an extra optimism to achieve everything we set out to do. It is proven that the fragrance with which we face the day positively influences our mood. For the day-to-day, bet on a fresh perfume, with citrus notes, to give you energy.

Our recommendation: Courreges, Eau Hyper Fraîche, Eau de toilette spray.© Perfume’s Club

To go out with friends

Casual look, sneakers, natural makeup with a touch of color on the lips and a perfume that defines you . When choosing a fragrance for your leisure time, try a floral perfume, either white or wild flowers, that awakens your most sensitive, tender and delicate side.

Our recommendation: Escada, Celebrate NOW, Eau de parfum spray© Perfume’s Club

For a romantic date

Groundbreaking look, heels, party makeup and a perfume that awakens sensuality . Perfume has become an object of desire and sensuality, if you want to surprise your date, bet on a gourmand perfume, with caramel notes, that evokes femininity and innocence.

Our recommendation: YSL, Black Opium Floral Shock, Eau de parfum spray

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