Dyeing your hair: these are the 7 most common mistakes

Test: what color should you dye your hair?

Do you want to change your hair color but don’t know which one to decide on? Get rid of doubts with this entertaining test and discover what your new color should be.

Surely on more than one occasion you have thought that you are bored with your hair and that you need to give it a new look but, as always, you have doubts about how you can do it. The color of your hair , along with the cut, are undoubtedly one of the aspects that will most make you stand out from the rest and, of course, those that will help you show off a most renewed style. Some of our favorites are fantasy colors like rose gold , for example, or the classic balayage . We show you our selection of colors in the following video!

They are cool, right? We know it and, therefore, it is very difficult for us to decide on one. In 2018, the colors that are succeeding the most are blondes, caramel and orange tones and even fantasy tones .

  • Long live the blond!

The golden blonde is one of the protagonists of the coloring during this 2018 and, now, in summer it is treading stronger than ever. When we have our brown skin, blonde suits us great! Another of the blondes that have been sweeping, especially during the winter months, has been what we know as ” polar blonde ” in the purest Game of Thrones style , a tone that, although it may be a bit daring, feels phenomenal! Would you dare

  • The chestnut, a safe bet

The chestnut tones will always be the most demanded , this is because it is a tone that usually suits everyone. It is natural, not risky and goes with everything! However, so that it is not a dull brown, we recommend that you give them a little touch of color. To do this, can give you some reflections on orange or caramel tone, we love them!

  • Shine with fantasy tones!

We know … fantasy colors are the riskiest of all, but now for summer they are ideal. Try some light pink, blue or purple … You will be the most original! And, of course, you will blow festivals by storm ! What else do you need? If, of course, you are a brave girl, we recommend that you try opal hair , it is the best! If you’re crazy about glitter, why not try glitterage ? They are balayage highlights made with glitter, we fli-pan!

If you want to change your hair color and you still have doubts, take our test! After it you will discover which option is the best for you. Take note!

Convinced with the result? As you can see, sometimes a color that you would never have imagined could look great on you. However, there are different tips to find out which is the hair tone that suits you the most . These are mainly based on the color of your skin and your eyes. We explain them to you! Very attentive!

Choose your hair color according to your skin tone

  • If your skin tone is warmer …

Bet on colors such as golden blonde, chestnut or reddish tones. They feel great and more now in the height of summer when we sport tanned skin!

  • If your skin tone is light …

We are referring to whiter and paler skins that have a harder time taking a tan . If yours is within these shades, our recommendation is that you bet on black or dark chocolate, since the contrast between the skin and the hair feels very good. If you like lighter colors, you can try a platinum or ash blonde.

Choose your hair color according to your eye color

The color of your eyes is another of your traits that will determine which hair color will suit you best. Take note!

  • If your eyes are brown …

Bet on platinum or ash blonde, if you have fair skin, or brown, if your skin is darker.

  • If your eyes are black …

Long live black! Do not hesitate, your hair color should be as dark as your eyes, although you can always give yourself a lighter reflection to give life to your hair.

  • If your eyes are green .. .

Go for a blonde or dark brown shade … We love the contrast!

  • If your eyes are blue …

We like the combination, in the purest Nordic style, of blue eyes and blonde hair. But, if you are looking for something different … go for black!

Looking at your hair color decision, get inspired by the trends that are triumphing in 2018! You will love them!Discover: Hairstyles 2018: we review all the hair trends that triumph

Hairstyles 2018 - Waves with parting in the middle

Now you know which are the most successful hair trends and the features that you should take into account when choosing a new hair color. However, you can always turn to a stylist, as this professional will help you decide on the hair color that best suits you. Anyway, our advice is to try and experiment … it will be a lot of fun! Do not listen to the opinions of others, since they will only condition you. Remember that hair can always be changed again. The important thing is that you feel comfortable and beautiful!

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