Test: what haircuts do you like?

Test: what haircuts do you like?

Long, short, layered, midi hair … The haircut alternatives are endless. Find the cut that best suits your features, your tastes and your personality, and have a perfect cut!


How many times have you looked in the mirror and asked yourself “how could I change my look without losing my essence ?” Finding the correct cut, or the color that best suits us, is not always easy, because to our features, we must add our habits, tastes and way of being . Do you want to discover the hair style that best suits you? Take our test!

Over the years, we change our look, either because of our age or because we like to adapt to new beauty trends and haircuts. In addition, haircuts are necessary to be able to sanitize the ends and show a much healthier mane. If you fancy a change of look, we will tell you how to do it and what are the haircuts that are in fashion today.

The way we wear our hair is not the same. Our personality plays a great rolein all this and it is something that cannot be denied. If we are daring, shy, classic … all this influences our appearance and our way of dressing, combing our hair or cutting our hair. Although it is true that it also influences whether you have thin or thicker hair when it comes to taking risks with the manes. If you are a practical and simple person, you will surely do ponytail frequently . If you like to be up-to-date, it is most likely that you will dare with new trends in both color and cut and stand out above the rest.© iStock

The shape of our face is essential

You may not have stopped to think about it, but the shape of our face defines in a certain way the way we should cut our hair. Our face can have an angular, oval, round, elongated, heart-shaped … it all depends on our features and it is something that greatly influences the style that we must give to our hair. We give you some examples.

The round face is defined by the little marked features, which is why they are usually faces that have an air of sweetness. What are the hairstyles that suit you the most? Well, the ones that add volume to the top, like the collected ones, since they help to lengthen the face. If you do not know whether to leave it long or short, the best is long , whether you have it straight or wavy, it will provide an extra touch of sweetness . And of course you should avoid straight bangs , it makes your face even more round.

People with strong features and a pronounced chin are defining features of an angular face . Normally girls who have this type of face want to soften that kind of thing , so parting it to the side is one way to do that. The best are hairstyles and haircuts with soft shapes, that is, they are not too hard or marked.Curls , waves or even a fringe feel luxurious.
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If your face is oval you are in luck. He is the best of all, the one who best suits all styles and haircuts . You can try bangs, waves, or even curls. It hits everything! A layered cut also feels luxurious ; Thus, if you have a bit coarse hair you will get more marked waves that will bring a carefree air to your face. And do not be afraid of short hair , or the bob cut , they also look great on her.

The heart-shaped faceIt is characterized by a broad forehead and a narrow, pointed chin, which gives the face that heart-shaped air. What suits these types of features? Well, very simple, it is best to opt for the bangs , so it gives the feeling that the forehead is not so wide. To hide the jaw the best is the half mane . Curls and waves soften the features of these types of faces.

Finding an ideal hairstyle for those girls with long faces can be difficult. How is this type of face? Well, they are characterized by having a high chin and little marked cheekbones , so the best are thehairstyles that add volume , so the weathered cut is the best option. You can also opt for a high updo , as for a round face, to enhance your look.

Long, short, medium hair …

There are a multitude of options to choose from. Knowing what best suits your face type, it’s easy to know how to cut it off. It can be short, long or medium hair , depending on what feels good to you or what you like at all times. But you don’t have to focus only on the haircut. Also innovate with your hairstyle , since although the cut is beautiful, if you do not comb it well it can ruin your look.

If you wear it long, try making waves . You can make them of many types, smaller, bigger, marked, surf … A casual look is a trend, it always looks great for day to day and is easy to do. What we recommend is that you always add some volume , since long hair, due to the weight, tends to fall and be flattened at the top.© iStock

Surely you have already seen many influencers or fashion editors throughout the fashion weeks with the latest haircut of the season, the bob cut . Over time it has been gaining addicts not only in the summer seasons, but also the rest of the year. And it is that last year, we could already see how this haircut crossed the borders of summer and stayed with us until autumn.

We love this cut not only because it is trendy, but because it is extremely comfortable, and there are many options for this cut, and it depends on the height we want to wear it to . You just have to see which one best suits the shape of your face and your own personality., since some soften the expression of the face, but others can do the opposite, toughen them more, giving a more cañero and rocker appearance. In addition, it is ideal for the summer months , you will be cooler.

Innovate and try different things. Do you know what’s great about experimenting with your hair? That even if you cut it a lot, the hair always grows back and you can return to its previous state in a relatively short period of time, depending on what you do to yourself. Plus, this way you can experiment again until you find the style that suits you best. Also dare to apply color tint and play with different tones, now there are colorations for both home and hairdressing that respect the hair and do not spoil it. You already have all the data, what are you waiting for to take our test? Surely you will be right and you will find the style that best suits you.

Find inspiration with the most popular hairstyles this year:

If you are still not clear about it, here we have left you a selection of photos so that you can find inspiration about the manes that will sweep this season. It does not matter if you have curly or straight hair, here you can find everything you need to go directly to the hairdresser and bet on a change of look. If you do not want to risk a lot, you can bet with the bangs, which have also returned with great force. Do you dare with any of these looks?

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