Memories of an amateur perfume

The art of perfume

The Art of Perfume 1889-2014 , is the first exhibition that presents and analyzes perfume as an artistic medium at the same level as other disciplines such as painting, music, literature or cinema.

new approach wisely orchestrated by its curator, the director of the New York Olfactory Art Department Chandler Burr , who has been able to connect us with perfume in its purest form, without ornaments, without bottles or packaging. Just aroma , brain and emotion . Each perfume represents an artistic trend, in this way, we can feel the Romanticism of a Jicky by Guerlain , the Surrealism of an Angel by Thierry Mugler , the Contemporary Figurative of a J’Adore by Dior , the Modernism of aNo. 5 of Chanel … thus up to 8 incunabula that will be at the CĂ­rculo de Bellas Artes in Madrid , from November 21 to February 4 . A must see.

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