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The best men’s perfumes this Christmas

Christmas is a perfect time to finally change your perfume and try the full range of aromas that are on the market. A trick to finding a good men’s perfume is to opt for woody notes as these give it more intensity. Men also tend to look for greener scents as they seem more electric. If you give to a younger person, sweet or citrus perfumes become a winning bet as they are a good way to start entering the wonderful world of perfumes. 

Of course the bottle is also important to them . The fragrances of bright colors and straight lines never fail, but they also tend to opt for dark colors, metallic finishes or the latest packaging . 

But when giving a perfume to a man, it is very important to take into account his personality , if he is a discreet man, if he is fun, if he is an athlete … And if you are going to give your partner, the question kit is to find a fragrance that you like, that is sensual and that is not too intense, lest you get tired of being with it!

Take a look at our selection of Christmas offers and leave no doubts. From the most classic perfumes that you are sure to know to the latest news this year. 

Valentino Uomo (in the picture)

This new creation by Valentino becomes a delicious gift option. Hazelnuts, chocolate or roasted coffee are not the ingredients of a recipe to find the perfect dessert but rather some of the notes that emerge from this perfume. 


(50ml) € 43

(100ml) € 59

(150ml) € 76

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