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The best men’s perfumes to give on Valentine’s Day

The best perfumes to give a man on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day, in addition to being the most romantic party of the year, can become the perfect excuse to give your partner fragrances. Although it sounds typical, giving a perfume is a perfect option. It is a gift that also has its complexity. The aromas say a lot about our personality, in addition to being products that we use every day. So, now that we have planted a little doubt in you, you will not be able to resist the selection of perfumes for men that we have prepared for you.  

In addition, we love not only perfumes for their content but also for their exterior. The perfume bottles have very elegant details that even dress the interiors of many rooms.  

The perfumes that we have selected are a success, and many are in the ranking of the best sellers on the market. You can choose between very varied brands, perfect for your pocket! In the end, the important thing is also that it adapts to your budget and that you can choose a good perfume. 

The characteristic masculine aromas can be combined in a more spicy and electric way with the right notes. If the perfume market has something, it is that practically in each season it is filled with new perfumes capable of awakening feelings that you have never experienced before . So we are going to bring you the perfect perfumes to conquer your partner with all five senses.  

Before you choose one of the scents to give your man this day, here we want to leave you with some tips on what type of scents can best fit your partner’s personality: 

With character:  if you are a conqueror with an overwhelming personality, the perfect perfume is Bleu de Chanel Like all the brand’s designs, sobriety, elegance and harmony  are present in this perfume that is becoming more popular every day. Composed of the most exotic and seductive aromas, it has small notes of  ginger, nutmeg, refreshing mint, jasmine or pink pepper, its aroma does not leave anyone indifferent. If your guy is direct, irreverent and irresistibly different , with a classic like  Bleu de Chanel , you will hit the mark.      

Seduction:  The One for Men  perfectly reflects the  Dolce & Gabbana man : charismatic and seductive, elegant and sophisticated, who likes to take care of himself. An elegant, sensual fragrance that is both modern and timeless classic. It is the natural masculine version of Dolce & Gabbana The One.  Another of the perfumes for these classic and seductive men is Aqua de Gio by Giorgio Armani . It is a perfume with very fresh notes. It is a perfect gift for its popularity. Its aroma has a perfect combination of ingredients that make it possible to use its bottle both in summer and winter without getting tired.    

Charisma: L ‘Homme Eau De Toilette is Yves Saint Laurent’s fragrance for men with a unique style. Aimed at people with charisma, audacity and sensuality, the L’Homme fragrance is the perfect balance made into a fragrance between ultra masculinity and refinement, between brutality and delicacy, between industry and luxury.      

A perfume that contains in its heart notes spicy airs such as those of white pepper, basil and violet leaves that mix with its base notes headed by cedar and vetiver.

Good mood:  for those funny men you can give them the perfume Sauvage by Dior. Contains a fresh and juicy aroma with  enveloping hints of vanilla absolute. The powerful freshness of Sauvage exudes new sensual and mysterious facets, extensively renewing the signature with a virtuous composition. The Bergamot of Calabria is the central axis of the fragrance that provides those notes of sensuality and sparkle. 

Naturalness:  if your partner is naturally the ideal fragrance is the eau de toilette of Hugo by Hugo Boss . It is his original perfume and the one that has been the most successful in the market. If you don’t want to risk a more intense aroma, this fragrance is ideal. It has small notes of wood, quite stimulating and seductive. Its pleasant and fresh smell is perfect for everyday use. Your boy will love it!   

Intense:  all Paco Rabanne fragrances are very popular with the male audience. Therefore, if you doubt a lot with some of the above, you will love any of the brand. In our selection you can find several models of the brand such as Invictus or the  One Million PrivĂ© eau de parfum . The latter has ideal oriental touches, and in the heart of the fragrance you can smell small notes of tobacco and myrrh. 

Now you just have to go to your nearest perfumery for one of these fragrances, and buy! If you prefer, you can also buy any of these fragrances online and in different sizes. We recommend that if it is not their usual perfume that you are going to buy for your partner, first go and smell it at the store. It is important that you know the smell well before making the purchase. It will be at that moment when you will be able to tell yourself by your ideal perfume. Also, if you prefer, you can give him a set of perfume, shaving gel and foam. In many perfumeries they make special small packages for Valentine’s Day, which you can take advantage of and thus give them the perfect pack. 

Attentive to our selection of fragrances because we have the most top colognes and perfumes on the market to buy for Valentine’s Day. You will fall in love just by smelling them!  

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