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The best perfumes to fall in love on Valentine’s Day

The best perfumes for Valentine’s Day

Although finding a charming, sexy and personal perfume is a task that occupies part of our time throughout the year, when the month of February arrives and, with it, Valentine’s Day, this aromatic task intensifies. So, as important as finding the perfect dress, the perfect hairstyle and the perfect makeup for that romantic date, is finding a perfume that enhances our security and, to be honest, our sensuality.

We have produced this small selection of perfumes that give off romanticism in each and every one of their notes. But before you take a look and decide on one, we recommend that you consider the following tips to choose the ideal perfume for you. 

Tips for choosing the perfect perfume for you

  • Take your personality into account : each fragrance evokes certain aspects that can be related to personality. There are sweet, fresh, intense, subtle smells … Therefore, not all of them fit equally well in each person. Has it ever happened to you that you love a perfume that you have smelled on someone else and when you smell it, it is not what you expected? Therefore, our advice is that you choose taking into account your way of being, do not get carried away by advertising or by the perfumes used by the people around you. 
  • The best thing is that you choose the perfume yourself : although we all love being given a good perfume, when it comes to a fragrance that we have never tried, it is best to choose your own. This is so because fragrances are very personal and, even if that person likes the way that perfume smells, it may not be so good for you or it may not look so good on your skin. Of course, if you are lucky enough to have one or more favorite perfumes that you always use, surely that person who wants to give you a perfume takes it into account and is right.
  • Choose the moment well to buy it : yes, yes, as you read it, you should not go to buy a perfume lightly. As we have already said, it is a very personal element that evokes many emotions and that others will associate with our personality. Therefore, the ideal is that you go when you feel good, in this way there are many more possibilities that the decision is correct. 
  • Take into account the durability of the fragrance : we love that perfumes last as long as possible and give off their pleasant smell wherever we go, but it is something that does not always happen. In fact, there are many perfumes that smell a lot at the moment of applying them, but in a short time it seems that we have not added anything. If you want to avoid this type of fragrance, it is best that you consult people around you who have been able to try it or the salespeople before buying it. Another very effective option is to order a mini size to be able to try it on for a day and check the durability yourself before betting on it. 
  • Pay attention to the components : another point to consider before choosing a perfume is its ingredients, especially if you have allergies. However, even if you do not suffer from them, try to fix yourself to avoid strong components that can cause headaches or discomfort. You already know that not all fragrances affect us all equally. 
  • Choose based on the occasion : Of course, choosing a perfume for day-to-day is not the same as choosing one for a more special occasion such as a Valentine’s Day date, a party or a wedding. If it comes to the former, it is preferable to opt for soft fragrances that have sweet (vanilla) or floral notes (jasmine, rose, orange blossom …). If it is a perfume for a certain date, especially if it is at night, you can allow me to opt for a more intense perfume (notes of musk, sandalwood …) whose durability is greater. Of course, with these fragrances try not to go overboard, just a few touches will be enough. 
  • Be careful with imitations : if what you are looking for is a brand perfume and you plan to buy it online, you should know that there are online stores that sell imitations. To avoid this, always opt for official websites. 

Tips for giving a perfume

And if you’ve come this far looking for a gift for Valentine’s Day, we also have some important tips to share with you. Although, as we said, the ideal thing to do when it comes to a fragrance is to choose yourself, it is also possible to achieve it if it is a gift. Also, in the case of Valentine’s Day, it can be a very good idea because of all the emotions and feelings that fragrances evoke. So, although it can be a risky gift, we will not be the ones to tell you not to do it. Of course, for this it is necessary to follow certain guidelines:

  • Find out what her favorite perfume is : if she is a person very close to you, it is best that you identify which perfumes she usually uses and give her the same or similar ones when you know she needs it. This, without a doubt, is the easiest way to get it right. 
  • Identify their tastes : if you prefer to innovate with a fragrance that they have not used, it is important that you bet on one according to their tastes. To do this, try to identify the type of aroma you like: soft, intense, floral, sweet, fresh … The world of fragrances is very wide and if you choose one within the range of scents that you usually like, there are many more chances that you like it. 
  • Think about their personality before choosing : when you are smelling the perfumes, try to put aside your tastes and visualize the way that person is and if you think it fits well with that perfume. That is, if it is a very sophisticated person, look for a perfume that evokes that in you and if it is more fun and carefree, look for a fragrance with a touch more in line with that type of personality. 
  • Consult an expert : Of course, if you have a hard time making the decision, consult your perfumery professional. Tell him who the gift is for and specify what his tastes are. They are used to advising many people and can surely give you several recommendations. 

Have you taken note? Now that you know everything you need to choose the perfume with which you will seduce your Valentine’s Day date (you wear it or it is a gift), we invite you to take a look at our selection. Fall in love with them and fall in love with them.

Happy Valentines!


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