The cold returns! These are the best lip scrubs to do at home

The cold returns! These are the best lip scrubs to do at home

One of the parts of our body that suffers the most and suffers from the drop in temperatures is our mouth. Specifically, the lips, which tend to show cracks and imperfections during the coldest months of the year.

Now that the necessary alertness due to the coronavirus has been imposed and you have the obligation to stay at home , why not try making one of these homemade recipes? You will show off soft and perfect lips with a gesture as simple as combining two ingredients that you probably have in your pantry.

Contrary to what many people think, the use of lip balm is not the only thing necessary to have cared and hydrated lips, since it is useless to apply it on dead skin that urgently needs to regenerate.

Therefore, it is necessary that you get an exfoliantof lips or that you create it yourself at home. Why not try one of these homemade recipes? Your results will surely surprise you!

Scrub with sugar and honey

You will practically have to follow the same steps in each of the recipes that we tell you below, but it all depends on the ingredients you have at home. For example, if you have sugar and honey on hand (it’s easy, because the coldest days of the year are not over yet), you can try this formula.

What ingredients do you need? Very simple: a tablespoon of honey (they are approximately 15 ml), a tablespoon of sugar and another of natural oil (it can be forgotten, but it should not exceed 5 ml). To start, you should microwave the honey in a ceramic or glass container for about 20 seconds. Once it has been undone, add the tablespoon of oil so that the lipstick does not have lumps.

Stir the honey with the oil and then add the sugar to create a consistent mixture and you can exfoliate your lips well, removing all its impurities. Apply it on them for about 10 seconds with a cotton ball, always from one side to the other so as not to leave any area to cover.

Leave the mixture on for two minutes so that it can repair all the irritations and blemishes present. Rinse it off with water and a soft sponge and apply the lip balm. You will quickly notice how its appearance and texture have changed.

Scrub with baking soda

If you have baking soda at home instead of sugar, you can also create your own natural scrub!

To do this, you will need the same amount of honey as in the previous recipe, a tablespoon, to which you will have to add another tablespoon of baking soda and a few drops of olive oil . Stir the three ingredients until you see them completely integrated and apply the ointment on your lips , giving a small massage with your fingers.

Two minutes later, clean them with a sponge and rinse until your lips are completely clean. You will notice how this product, sodium bicarbonate, cleanses, protects and contributes to repair damagecaused by low temperatures and dryness. It is advisable that you do it once a week to maintain the softness of your mouth.

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