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The French manicure, the design that never goes out of style step by step

To show off flawless and natural nails, a French manicure is essential! With this discreet and sophisticated makeup at the same time, nobody will have better taste than you… So don’t wait any longer, discover our tips to get a French manicure and show off perfect nails!


Trends in French manicure 2019-2020

Although the French manicure never goes out of style and is a classic, different versions of this style appear each season, renewing trends year after year . This year the French manicures of different colors have been stomping , that is, with the part of the nail marked in a tone other than white, even with glitter tones , for a striking result, but elegant at the same time. Surely you have already seen them numerous times in the Instagram photos of the most prominent beauty influencers. If you want an original manicure, you can paint each nail tip in a color for a chic and striking result. If you do not dare, let yourself be advised by your trusted beauty salon and shine with your own light with your trendiest French manicure.

If, on the other hand, you prefer not to risk and opt for a sure hit, opt for the classic French manicure, with nail polish in nude tones. It is always a perfect option for any occasion and style.

These trends are not only valid for your hands, dare with a risky or classic French pedicure.

The necessary material

To do a professional manicure at home, you need a file, a boxwood stick, a hardener base, a correction pencil, a white, a pink or beige nail polish and a glossy fixative, we give you some options:

  • Essie Top Coat Hardening Base : Sets the manicure color and leaves a long-lasting shine that dramatically improves the look of your manicure. You can buy it on Amazon for € 8 .
  • OPI – Correction Pencil : This pencil with nail polish remover allows you to precisely correct the edge of the nail in French manicure, so that the result is professional and precise even if you do it yourself at home. You can buy it on Amazon for € 16.25 .

You should know that complete French manicure kits are sold in perfumeries and department stores.

  • FIND – French manicure pack: this Find brand pack contains 3 different polishes, one white to arch the edge of the nail, another transparent if you want a super natural result and another in pink if you prefer a more nude tone. The color remains uniform, intense and bright. You can buy them on Amazon for € 8 .
  • Essie – #ballet Slippers tone nail polish: the perfect nail tone for French manicure, it gives a touch of pink to your nail, but leaves a very long-lasting natural effect. Combine it with a white polish that marks the edge of the nail, Essie also has this color to complete your French manicure kit. P ou can buy it on Amazon for 8.86 €.
  • Elite99 – French manicure pack for semi-permanent nails : if you want a French manicure but in a semi-permanent version, there are also packs with the necessary enamels to achieve it. One of them is this one from the Elite99 brand, it contains 7 different shades to get the manicure color that you like the most. Remember that for the manicure to last several weeks you will need to dry it with an LED lamp ( you can buy it on Amazon ).

The method

The first step is to prepare the nail before applying the necessary products . Start by filing your nails giving them a nice shape (rounded or square), but they should not be too long, try to respect the natural shape of your nails so that the result is natural and the shape lasts intact for a longer time. Remove the cuticles, for this, you can use a boxwood stick. Next, with a polish, rub the entire surface of the nail to give it a shine.

The second step is to paint the nail. Once they are prepared, apply a primer or hardener to reinforce them ( you can find many options on Amazon ). When it is dry, proceed to the application of the French manicure : first, apply the white lacquer on the edge of the nail giving it a rounded shape. Then finish the finish with a top coat that keeps the nail polish intact and shiny for longer.

Do you want a trick? Put your hand on a support so it doesn’t shake. If you overdo it, rectify with a correction pencil or a little nail polish remover with the help of a cotton swab.
When the edge of the nail is dry, continue applying the pink or beige nail polish all over the nail, including the white part. To keep the nail polish on for a long time, finish by applying a last coat of top coat , which will give the nails a shine.

The trick

In some French manicure kits , we find small crescent shaped stickers. They are placed on the nail, right on the border, between pink and white. When the target is dry, the adhesive is removed. In this way, the rounding of the nail is perfect.One of the molds to paint the tip of the nail is the TecUnite Nails brand nail mold kit.

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