Do you know what photoepilation is and how it works?

The hair removal methods under review, which one do you prefer?

Most women would like to remove all the hair on our body so that we never have to worry about waxing again. Fortunately, we have multiple options to get rid of all the “hairs” easily, quickly and less and less annoying and lasting.


The goal is clear: smooth, hair-free legs . Even so, when push comes to shove, there are many factors that rule out one method and extol another. The pain, the time that we will have perfect legs, the price, the comfort … We have tried the most famous hair removal options . Take note of our experience and decide which is the method that best suits your skin, your hair and your time! Wearing perfect legs like those of our celebrities already has a solution.


The razor is the preferred choice of European women to get rid of hair. Its advantages are clear: speed and comfort . In addition, since there are blades specially designed for us , it is no longer necessary for us to steal them from our boy, since ours are more flexible and comfortable to use.

However, this method also has its drawbacks , such as the speed with which the hair reappears, or the fact that the hairs come out harder and stronger and “prick”.

Product : Gillette Venus Breeze, 2-in-1 razor that incorporates two gel bars in its head, providing a close, fast and easy hair removal. € 6.99
Degree of pain:0 of 4 (come on, if you cut yourself)
Time to be perfect : minimum
Duration of effect: maximum 2-3 days

Famous with the most beautiful legs

Electric razor

The operation of electric razors or epilators is very simple: rotating blades that rotate while opening and closing. The result is the same as if 10 tweezers pulled out hairs at the same time. The hair comes out by the roots, so the duration of the epilation is similar to that of the wax .

Another advantage of this method is that these razors increasingly include more accessories, which facilitate the process and make it less painful , such as massage heads, cold applicators or even exfoliating brushes.

On the other hand, there is the disadvantage that it is not a painless method, although it is bearable. People with very sensitive skin may notice that the skin becomes irritated and red dots appear after waxing, although it is nothing that good hydration does not solve. Of course, it is preferable that the day you shave you do not expose yourself to the sun, since the skin will be more sensitive than normal and it should not be subjected to external aggressions .

We have tried: Braun Silk-épil 9 Wet & Dry. It has a 40% wider head, which covers a larger surface in a single pass. In addition, it has larger tweezers, which catch the hair better. And best of all, you can spend it in the bathtub, since it can be submerged up to 5 meters. In no time, you’ll be perfect.
Product : Braun Silk-épil 9 Wet & Dry € 159
Degree of pain:2 (bearable)
Time to be perfect : it depends on the amount of hair you have.
Duration of effect: 3-4 weeks

Laser hair removal

The laser hair removal is the method that has won more adept in recent years, mainly due to the good results already it provides that it is virtually painless method, especially if we talk about Soprano Ice Platinum .

It is the best option to wax every day of the year and without long waiting time , since it boasts of being ultra fast. Thanks to the benefits of its technology, unique in the world -which operates simultaneously with Alexandrite, Diode and Neodymium-Yag waves , the 3 most efficient in laser hair removal-, it is painless , does not present any risk of burns, and is suitable for tanned skin. The best? It does not require recovery time and you can also use it in summer. Can you imagine all the time you can spend doing other things?

With the Soprano Ice Platinum laser , you destroy, at the same time, from the thickest to the finest hair without having to change the type of laser during the entire treatment.

Where to do it : Germaine Goya Center (Alcántara, 15, Madrid)
Degree of pain: 1
Duration of effect: permanent, after several sessions (depends on each case).

Cold waxing

The operation of the cold wax strips is very simple: you just have to stick the wax strips on the area to be waxed and pull in the opposite direction to the natural direction of the hair . Important: the pull must be fast and firm to reduce pain.

Before applying the bands, it is necessary to warm them between your hands for a few seconds, in order to facilitate the process and improve its effectiveness . Today there are many brands that already include specific products for sensitive skin, or for special areas, such as the bikini line or the upper lip.

This method is perfect when you are on vacation or away from home, because you do not have to do it in the bathroomAnywhere is good! The time needed to have perfect legs is 30 minutes or so, depending on the type and amount of hair.

Product : Veet cold wax bands, pack of 12 units € 3.65 approx
Degree of pain: 1
Time to be perfect : medium
Duration of effect: 2 weeks


This method uses the benefits of water and sugar to achieve a perfect hair removal. The origin is Egyptian, that is why it is known as Egyptian hair removal or sugaring (for the base ingredient).

This curious method of hair removal is very little known in our country, ero gradually being incorporated to the services offered by beauty centers , mainly bio centers.

The sugaring involves the application of a paste composed of a mixture of different sugars and water adhering to the hair , but not skin, since it is not applied hot, but at room temperature. This is followed by a small pull similar to wax, but without irritating the skin.

Where to do it: Hand Made Madrid Degree of pain: 1 Time to be perfect : 45 minutes for both legs. Duration of effect: 2-3 weeks

Depilatory cream

The depilatory creams are chemicals that dissolve the hair keratin. The result is immediate: 100% hair-free legs.

The way of use is very simple. Apply the cream on the area to be waxed and let it act for 4-6 minutes. Once the time has passed, remove the product with the spatula and rinse with warm water. Perfect legs in record time!

Caution: Depilatory creams are chemical products. Failure to remove them after 6 minutes can cause burns.

Product: Vichy Dermo Tolerance depilatory cream . € 10 approx
Degree of pain: 0 (totally painless)
Time to be perfect : minimum
Duration of effect:2-3 days



Current pulsed light photoepilation devices seek to offer the same quality as aesthetic photoepilation centers but with the convenience of being able to wax quietly at home.

The results are visible in a very short time. After the first three or four epilations, up to 50% of the hair can be reduced . Its operation is based on a series of shots or pulses of intense light that are absorbed by the melanin of the hair, which conducts the light to the roots in such a way that the heat damages the hair structure and weakens or eliminates the hair.
The time it takes to completely remove the hair depends on the type of skin and the thickness and color of the hair itself .

Product : Silk’n Glide. € 169
Degree of pain: 2 (bearable)
Time to be perfect : 20 minutes per leg.
Duration of the effect: the greater the number of sessions, the longer it takes for the hair to appear, until its complete elimination


The removal by abrasion , also known as depilation sandpaper , is to cause the destruction of the hair friction using a mitten with a surface with micro crystals of inorganic mineral.

Its operation is very simple, and similar to that of a sandpaper (hence the name), although it is important to know that we cannot use a conventional sandpaper , since we would not only burn the hair, but also the skin.

When passing the mitten through the area to be waxed, the micro crystal detaches and enters the pore, and when applying circular movements it wears down the hair root. In this way, one part of the hair is pulled out by the roots and the other, where the micro crystal has not entered, is shaved by abrasion.

It is a totally painless , cheap and fast method , and highly recommended for people with an allergy to waxes and depilatory creams and who want to try a different alternative to the blade.

In addition, it provides an exfoliation in the shaved part , with which you will be able to kill two birds with one stone, and if you use it regularly, it delays hair growth and weakens it .

Where to buy it : Depilanova. € 30 for the kit that includes mitten, cover and 6 refills (equivalent to one year of waxing)
Degree of pain: 0Duration of effect: 1 week at the beginning, but it slows down hair growth with its use.


The IPL technology , from the English “Intense Pulsed Light” ( Intense Pulsed Light ) is a non – invasive process that regularly applied inhibits the reappearance of hair.

IPL technology reaches the hair follicle , weakening and destroying it so that the hair stops growing in the treated areas: armpits, groin, legs, thighs or arms, among others.

For optimal results, it is essential that the light energy reaches the hair root correctly , which will cause the hair to start to shed between 1 and 3 weeks after performing a session.

Where: No + hair centers
Degree of pain: 2 (bearable)
Average time per session:1 hour
Number of sessions: It depends on the type of hair, skin, age, sex …
Price: € 30 area / session.

Hot wax

The waxing hot is undoubtedly the queen of all the types of hair removal. Not because it is the best, but because it is the most traditional and the result is practically perfect. The heat from the wax opens the pores and the hair comes out by the roots .

It is usually done in a beauty salon, although there are also brands that sell warm wax appliances to use at home . Waxing lasts about 30 minutes, and the session ends with the application of moisturizing and soothing creams.

The only thing that must be taken into account for a waxing to be perfect, is that you have to try to make the hair measure more than 4 mm .

Product : hot wax hair removalin an aesthetic center. € 30 approx.
Degree of pain: 2
Time to be perfect : 30 minutes
Duration of effect: 3-4 weeks

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