Did you know that there is a perfume for every moment of the day?

These are the perfumes used by the famous

We couldn’t agree more with that phrase, don’t you think? There are infinite scents, as well as perfumes. And each woman has her own. We all (and all) like to have a unique, recognizable and, above all, characteristic smell. That is why we can be using the same fragrance for years . Surely you are also faithful to one in particular!

The same thing happens to celebrities too, of course. Have you ever wondered what famous women smell like? Ok … wait. Let’s rephrase the question so that it doesn’t sound so creepy : Are you curious to know what perfumes the famous ones use? 

We have done a little research to find out which fragrances occupy the dresser of the most recognized celebs . Among our inquiries, we have discovered that the iconic scent of Chanel No. 5 not only drove Marilyn Monroe crazy , it is also the favorite of Jessica Alba , Anne Hathaway or Eva Mendes. Rihanna , for example, is a fan of Escada’s Moon Spike . And Selena Gomez always uses Daisy , by Marc Jacob.

Do you want to know what other perfumes are the favorites of the famous? Take a look at this list!

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