Tips to use the curling iron and make your curls last much longer

Tips to use the curling iron and make your curls last much longer

If your curls are not defined or last as long as they should after using the curling iron, maybe you are not applying these tricks that will give your hair more volume and definition.


Surely this sounds familiar: you spend an eternity in front of the mirror trying to shape your curls, only to discover that, after a few hours, there is no sign of them. It is the eternal problem of people with straight hair, we dream of wavy hair, with volume and shape, but the reality is that the curling iron cannot make the effect of the curls last more than a few hours (even minutes). Although we cannot make your hair have natural curls, we do bring you the tips you need to make your hairstyle last longer and you can wear defined curls for hours.

Which curling iron should I choose?

The hair curlers available on the market are very varied: with or without clip, with a conical shape or with a uniform diameter, large or small. Clip-on styles have the advantage that you don’t have to hold the strand while creating the curl. However, if you don’t have much practice with it, it will be more difficult to create a defined curl. With curlers without a clamp, you will have to hold the appliance with one hand and the hair with the other, which also requires some skill, especially when you curl the strands at the back.© iStock

The quality of the curling iron is mainly determined by its coating. A metal curling iron is cheap and you can get good results, but if you curl your hair frequently, you should go for a model with a ceramic or Teflon coating . These materials are more respectful to the hair, distribute heat more evenly and prevent frizz and split ends.

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How should we use the hair curler?

Divide your hair into strands of about 5cm thick. If you have particularly thick hair, you can add a few more cm. If you have very long hair, it is best to comb your hair from the back to the front. This will make it easier for you to catch the hair at the back of your head to curl it.

Very important: always use a thermal protector before using the curling iron ( this one from ghd is the best rated ). In this way you will prevent excess heat from damaging your hair fiber. Make sure your hair is completely dry before using the curling iron, experts also recommend blow-drying it to get extra volume before curling it and to help achieve a longer duration.

When curling your hair, start at the top. Pick up the top layers with a tweezers and start with the bottom strands. Roll each strand into the curling iron and allow several seconds for the curl to set. Continue like this until you complete all the hair. Create the curls always following the same direction.

What curls should we do?

Not all curls are the same: if you want very deep curls, ringlets, you have to hold the curling iron at an angle to your head. If you hold the curling iron in a horizontal position you will get curls similar to those of the irons, more open and loose.

You can create different looks depending on the position of the curling iron. If you want more casual surf waves, leave the ends free, do not catch them with the curling iron. If you want sleek curls, you can keep your hair straight up to your ears and curl just the bottom.

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How to make curls last longer?

The first trick to keeping your curls as long as possible is to let them cool on the curling iron, with the shape of the wave. Since doing this is practically impossible given the temperature that the curling iron reaches, you can carefully remove the strand so that it retains the shape it had in the curling iron. Applying a bit of hairspray before curling will also help it last longer. There are also lotions on the market that will enhance your curls, you must apply them before drying your hair. You will notice how, by curling your hair, the hair takes the curl better and creates more defined loops.

These two products will help you define your curls and make them last longer :

If you have very long, thick and naturally straight hair, it will be very difficult to maintain your curls. The hair of your own hair will cause the loop to fall, leaving the strand straight again.

How to use the curling iron, step by step

  • Do not bring the curling iron too close to the scalp, the device can reach a temperature of up to 200ºC and cause burns.
  • Do not leave the curling iron on the hair for a long time, otherwise there is a risk of the hair being damaged.
  • Never use the curling iron without a heat shield.
  • Do not use the curling iron every day, just like the iron, excessive use will damage the hair.

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To improve the result after curling your hair, you can use mattifying powders that give more volume. For example, these from Osis + will add more body to your root (they are available on Amazon ). The classic hairspray is also a good option to set your curls for longer. Always spray it at a minimum distance of 20 cm, with the head slightly tilted to the side.

If you are looking for a natural result, with slightly wavy hair, carefully comb your locks to reduce the “corkscrew” effect. For a medium result, use your fingers.

What are the alternatives to the curling iron?

The hairstyles with curls are a trend and crisper remains one of the most common styling tools to achieve this look, but not the only one. You can also achieve a good result with thermal rollers ( available here ). These rollers are heated and, when they reach the necessary temperature, you must roll them in the hair, lock by lock, you will achieve a very natural result. With the hair straightener and a little skill, you can also create bold waves without having two different styling tools.

When you go to buy a curler, opt for one that does not have a built-in comb, in this way, you will subtract volume from your curls and make them fall out earlier than expected.

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