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Weekly menu following the indications of the plate method for Wellness Goal

This month, our colleague Adriana Oroz , has made a complete weekly menu following the indications of ” The plate method “. What is the plate method?

A simple and visual way to follow a balanced diet

Do you remember the food pyramids and the frequencies of consumption? Well, this has been a part of the past for years. It was a complicated system to understand in which the proportions of the food were not clear. With the plate method we have the following indications:

  • Each daily meal is symbolized by the representation of a plate.
  • About half of the plate should contain greens and vegetables, cooked or raw.
  • Of the remaining half, a quarter would correspond to proteins, in the form of eggs, fish, meat, legumes, soy derivatives …
  • And the last quarter of the plate for carbohydrates such as rice, pasta, bread, potatoes …
  • We accompany this with water as a drink.
  • And finally we add a fruit or unsweetened dairy for dessert.

And with these indications we would have a balanced diet, the amounts being able to vary slightly depending on the availability of food.

It is a very visual representation that, if you follow it for a few days, it will allow you to be aware that every meal must include 50% vegetables.

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